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  • The delegation of Lourdes de Totana together with the parish of Santiago pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Fuensanta in Murcia (26/05/2018)

  • The mayor asks by letter to Rajoy to allocate the funds committed to fight against sexist violence (26/05/2018)

  • Inaugurated the exhibition "Mirada Juvenil a Centenario (1918-2018)" in the municipal hall "Gregorio Cebrián", to be held from May 24 to June 6 (25/05/2018)

  • Raise a joint motion to support the Community of Irrigators for the concession of 700,000 m3 of reclaimed water from the WWTP (25/05/2018)

  • The Sports Pavilion of the "Reina Sofía" School will host the annual forum of Sicarm 2018 (25/05/2018)

  • Two groups of young people from the "Labor 2.0: Youth Guarantee" project carry out hairdressing and cafeteria, pastry and confectionery training (24/05/2018)

  • The Plaza de la Balsa Vieja hosts the Spring Fair of the Totana Trade, from May 31 to June 3 (24/05/2018)

  • The mayor calls the working group approved by the Plenary on the new layout of the AVE and the High Voltage Line of the Catenary, to coordinate joint lines of action (24/05/2018)

  • The paving works on Moratalla Street, in the neighborhood of San Francisco, included in the POS of 2017 are completed (24/05/2018)

  • Win Totana IU requests the Mayor to convene a Citizen Assembly to explain the results of the meeting with ADIF in Madrid (23/05/2018)

  • The Popular Party of Totana and the non-attached Councilman denounce the censorship that the Mayor is imposing on them on the subject of the AVE route. (23/05/2018)

  • The new San José neighborhood park will be fully operational as of next August (23/05/2018)

  • The City Council adheres to the socio-health coordination protocol in the care of people with severe mental illness or drug addiction (23/05/2018)

  • News 23/05/2018 (23/05/2018)

  • The City Council and AELIP are organizing the Acrobatic Leap of the PAPEA Patrol on May 29th on the occasion of World Lipodystrophy Day (23/05/2018)

  • The School La Cruz was proclaimed regional champion of the Alevín Femenino Futsal for School Sports (23/05/2018)

  • The Local Phase of the School Sports Alevín Handball is ended (23/05/2018)

  • The Senior Center of Totana celebrations are held from June 11 to 18, with a wide and varied range of activities (22/05/2018)

  • Good results of Amador Nevado in the International Climb to Fito (21/05/2018)

  • Last Friday, the "Música para el Apóstol Santiago" Music Concert took place (21/05/2018)

  • The City Council of Totana hosts a meeting of mayors of the Guadalentín region with the company committees of Adif and Renfe (21/05/2018)

  • Win Totana IU registered on May 15 an initiative to the Plenary to request the support of the City Council to the mobilizations called by the Trade Unions of the RENFE-ADIF Committee against the deterioration of Cercanías in the Region (21/05/2018)

  • The works of the new park in the neighborhood of San José, framed in POS 2017, began last week (21/05/2018)

  • Reina Sofía School participated in the Regional End of School Sports Athletics (21/05/2018)

  • Municipal authorities conclude the Joint Employment and Training Program for Social and Health Care for Dependents in Social Institutions (21/05/2018)

  • Totana will host the "I 3x3 Associative Basket" (21/05/2018)

  • News 20/05/2018 (20/05/2018)

  • On Saturday, May 19, the XIX Almansa Half Marathon (Albacete) and the Popular Race of Antas (Almería) were contested (20/05/2018)

  • The supply of drinking water will be cut tomorrow in the neighborhoods of San José and Era Alta, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., for works on Sucre Street (20/05/2018)

  • The Local Police presents a solidarity campaign to schools for the collection of used bicycles and school materials for the Third World (19/05/2018)

  • Totana will host the Spanish Championship of ulm (ultralight aviation) (18/05/2018)

  • The mayor announces that the Consistory will go to the Courts of Justice to denounce the modification of the route of the AVE proposed by Adif (18/05/2018)

  • Students of the IES "Prado Mayor" of "Hairdressing and Hair Cosmetics" show their knowledge in the Residence "La Purisima" (18/05/2018)

  • The prizes of the II Drawing Contest "Paint your creativity" are delivered. (18/05/2018)

  • The municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" welcomes next June 1 the lingerie and swimwear solidarity parade to benefit Afacmur (18/05/2018)

  • Adif AV shows the benefits of the new layout of the Mediterranean Corridor in Totana (17/05/2018)

  • Municipal authorities inaugurate several training actions that are being developed these weeks in the Local Development Center (17/05/2018)

  • The Totana delegation is currently meeting with Adif executives to demand a change in the layout of the AVE upon its arrival in this municipality (17/05/2018)

  • Francisco José Miras Martínez new Steward of the Santa (17/05/2018)

  • The informative campaign on basic norms of the pedestrian and cyclist by the urban and interurban roads addressed to schoolchildren will be resumed (17/05/2018)

  • The old Center for the Elderly "Santa Bárbara" will be enabled as a Study Room during the weekends from May 19 to June 24 (17/05/2018)

  • On Tuesday, May 22, on the occasion of the feast of Santa Rita, the municipal services and dependencies will remain closed (17/05/2018)

  • The Vox Musicalis Choir will offer the "Membra Jesu nostri" concert next Saturday, May 19th (16/05/2018)

  • The neighbor Ana María Muñoz Andreo celebrated her centenary accompanied by family and friends (16/05/2018)

  • The mayor criticizes the government delegate visiting the EVA-13 in Totana today and not being notified by the highest representative of the neighbors (16/05/2018)

  • Scam alert (16/05/2018)

  • The enrollment period for the entire training offer is opened at the Adult Education Center "Bajo Guadalentín" for the academic year 2018/2019 (16/05/2018)

  • Grasshopper Framusa in the Sagra MTB Race (16/05/2018)

  • Next Friday, the Local Phase of School Sports Handball with finals and trophy delivery ends (15/05/2018)

  • The collaboration agreement with the Autonomous Community for the provision of the service and extinction of forest fires of the Infomur'2018 Plan is approved (15/05/2018)



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