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  • They completely rehabilitate the Garden of Las Vertientes the Aljibe de Los López, in the hamlet of El Paretón-Cantareros (22/02/2018)

  • A total of 145 students participated in the Local Phase of "Playing Athletics benjamin" of School Sports (22/02/2018)

  • The 2nd Grade Hairdressing students of IES Prado Mayor visit the Residence of «La Purísima» (22/02/2018)

  • The Reina Sofía school will hold its III Open House Day next Saturday, March 3 (22/02/2018)

  • The Regional Final of School Sports Petanque will take place this Saturday (22/02/2018)

  • The Regional Assembly approves a motion urging the Ministry of Education to build the fourth class of the IES "Prado Mayor" for the year 2018/2019 (22/02/2018)

  • The Reina Sofía School will hold the III Open House Day next Saturday, March 3 (21/02/2018)

  • The II "Hispanian Race" will be held on March 4, with three modalities and numerous new features in the routes (21/02/2018)

  • Totana joins the challenge "We support Pablo and you? ..." With which it is intended to raise funds to cover funds for patients with neuroblastoma, a cancer in childhood age (21/02/2018)

  • The informative triptych is presented with the program of the activities of Lent and Holy Week 2018 (21/02/2018)

  • The Local Government Board approves several certifications of works and records of patrimonial responsibility (21/02/2018)

  • The PSOE urges the Ministry to build a fourth classroom in the IES Prado Mayor de Totana in the summer (20/02/2018)

  • Professionals of the Association of Official Guides of the Region of Murcia visit the Argaric site of La Bastida (20/02/2018)

  • The Special Committee on Poverty and Social Exclusion is set June to close the appearances and to agree on the motions for resolutions (20/02/2018)

  • They organize a wide range of activities throughout the month of March on the occasion of Women's Day (20/02/2018)


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    The town of Totana is situated in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula. Its exact location is in the south-eastern quadrant of the province of Murcia and it covers an area of 287.67 square kilometres. Its boundary is rectangular shaped and inclines to the north-west and the south-east, with a narrow extension towards the centre on the eastern side. It borders on Lorca, Mazarrón, Alhama de Murcia, Mula and Aledo.

    Totana forms part of a region which has a dry Mediterranean climate with an average year-round temperature of 17.8ºC. There are approximately 100 days a year when the temperature exceeds 30ºC and only about 6 days a year when the temperature falls below 0ºC.

    The average annual rainfall is 321mm, although this varies greatly from year to year, as a period of dry years can be followed by several years of wet weather. Rainfall can be unexpected and often heavy, leading to floods. Autumn is usually when it rains most, whilst the summer is practically dry.

    The average relative humidity is of the order of 64.2%. Winds are light to moderate, but strongest in spring and of least note in winter.


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