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  • The PSRM-PSOE holds primary elections to Secretary General Sunday, September 24 (23/09/2017)

  • Win Totana - IU: "The most important Urban Agreement that was left in Totana, resolves" (23/09/2017)

  • Urbanism summons the affected people of the High Voltage Line to a meeting to analyze the modifications and consequences of the new route (23/09/2017)

  • Communiqué of Councilman Juan Carlos Carrillo: "The authentic Spain Cañí" (22/09/2017)

  • The Plenary approves the Adjustment Plan necessary to cancel the existing debt with the State Tax Agency from the Commonwealth of Taibilla Channels and the Settlement Fund to finance the Payments to Suppliers. Councilor for Finance, Ana María Cánovas (22/09/2017)

  • The BORM publishes the approval of the declaration of commencement of the resolution procedure by mutual agreement of urban agreement C-45 (21/09/2017)

  • Municipal officials attend the inauguration of the 34th Official Handicraft Fair of the Region of Murcia (Feramur) (21/09/2017)

  • Win Totana IU asks in full that the City of Totana join to show solidarity and absolute support to the demands of the `Platform Pro Soterramiento del AVE' in Murcia (21/09/2017)

  • Municipal authorities meet with the Director General of Family and Social Policies (21/09/2017)

  • The 32nd Ascent to La Santa will congregate 65 pilots during this next weekend (20/09/2017)

  • The "XVII Charca Grande - Panzamelba Grand Prix" will be celebrated on September 30th and will feature the IV "March to Pié" (20/09/2017)

  • To be celebrated tomorrow at 20:00 hours an extraordinary plenary (20/09/2017)

  • The course "Management of municipal reconciliation projects from a gender perspective" opens (20/09/2017)

  • The Department of Sports launches a program of Gymnastics for the Disabled, at the Day Center for People with Mental Illness (20/09/2017)

  • Neighbors of the Guadalentín region render accounts of the solidarity trip to Namibia and South Africa (20/09/2017)

  • Municipal authorities meet with the Director General of Local Administration (19/09/2017)

  • "The Central Government is able to rectify and expand the Prepared Plan for a further six months" (18/09/2017)

  • It is requested to place the necessary warning signs of danger and warning on several Totana highways frequented by cyclists (18/09/2017)

  • Participation of the Totana Athletics Club on the 25th anniversary of the popular race of Nonduermas (18/09/2017)

  • The PP denounces the neglect and inability of the leftist pact to develop and approve a municipal budget after 27 months in government (18/09/2017)

  • The Local Citizen Security Board is held to coordinate the security and emergency arrangements on the occasion of the 32 ° Ascent La Santa (18/09/2017)

  • They propose to declare to Totana like City Free of Violence in the Sport (18/09/2017)

  • The City of Totana commemorates the 450th anniversary of the consecration of the parish church of Santiago El Mayor (18/09/2017)

  • Club members Totana Triathlon participated in several tests this weekend (18/09/2017)

  • News 17/09/2017 (17/09/2017)

  • The classes in ESO and Bachillerato begin tomorrow officially in the schools that offer these teachings in the municipality of Totana (17/09/2017)

  • The Independent Councilman: "Let the guilty ones be restrained by sedition and the law be fulfilled" (16/09/2017)

  • The Manoli Canovas Dance School opens the registration period for the 2017-2018 academic year (16/09/2017)

  • Restore the functioning of the traditional and emblematic Fuente de San Pedro, located next to the Arch of Las Ollerías (16/09/2017)

  • The mayor of Totana offers to mediate in the conflict between the cooperative members producing almonds and COATO (15/09/2017)

  • Coato members and employees join Coato's first manifesto in support of their cooperative (15/09/2017)

  • Municipal authorities meet with the Minister of Education and its management team (15/09/2017)

  • Open registrations of the "XI Memorial Sunday Pelegrino-Bihr Grand Prix" (15/09/2017)

  • The exhibition "Centum" on the 100 years of the University of Murcia opens (15/09/2017)

  • Civil Protection Totana reports a marked fall in temperatures and some rains (14/09/2017)

  • The Ascent to the Santa heats engines with the festival next Friday September 22 (14/09/2017)

  • Historical Heritage Technicians from the Autonomous Community evaluate the state of the wall of the archaeological site of La Bastida (14/09/2017)

  • The Totana PP expresses its solidarity with the partners of COATO who are manifesting these days at the doors of the cooperative (14/09/2017)

  • Today starts the registration period of the Friends of Music Association of El Paretón de Totana (14/09/2017)

  • The program of activities and novelties of the Center "MOVE" is presented for the new season 2017/18 (14/09/2017)

  • The Department of Sports launches, one more season, the program of "Maintenance Gymnastics" (14/09/2017)

  • The Municipal Center for Older Persons offers numerous activities and services to users and partners for the new 2017/2018 course (14/09/2017)

  • OPFH COATO's assembly unanimously approves its operational program for 2018 (13/09/2017)

  • Completion of stormwater evacuation works on a section of Teniente Pérez Redondo Street (13/09/2017)

  • The Football League "Enrique Ambit Palacios" 2017/18 will begin next October 7 (13/09/2017)

  • Two new training courses for Phytosanitary Treatment Pesticide Treatment begin (13/09/2017)

  • The III Open Padel Tennis Club Totana will take place the weekend of September 29 to October 1 (12/09/2017)

  • The fiestas of Santa Leocadia in the deputation of La Sierra are celebrated this next weekend, from the 15 to the 17 of September (12/09/2017)

  • The Totana Cultural program includes during this quarter more than fifteen activities of theater, music, cultural visits and exhibitions. Several cultural activities are organized to coincide with the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the deat (12/09/2017)

  • The new permanent extension of the University of Murcia starts its activity in Totana with a talk and the exhibition "Centum" on the hundred years of this teaching institution (12/09/2017)



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