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 New Generation will celebrate its local Congress on Friday after 21 hours

Generations of Totana held this Friday, May 30th, from 21:00 hours, the local Congress which will elect the new Executive for the coming years, and which has so far nominated presiding Pedro Andreo Muñoz and that is expected to replace the outgoing president, the current councilman of Youth, Josefa María Sánchez.

The Organizing Committee is composed of Gregorio Romero Aracil, José Antonio Gómez Wise and Jorge Rodriguez, while the Bureau of the members of Congress Raul Martinez Vera, Bartholomew and Elizabeth Montes Lopez Pallares.

During the Congress, as well as president elect and secretary general, deputy secretary of Elections, Training and Studies, Economics and Business, Marketing, Social Policy and Communication, Coordinator of Public Events, Training, Mobilization, and Affiliation, and seven delegationships.

The conference will be held at the headquarters of the PP in Totana, located on the waterfront Avenida Rambla de La Santa, and begin with the constitution of the Congress by the Organizing Committee to proceed with the proposal on the table and subsequent vote.

In addition, speeches by President of the General Committee and General Secretary NNGG of Murcia, José Manuel López, before the local outgoing president, Josefa María Sánchez, aware of the report of the youth organization.

Once the deadline for submission of nominations will notice and defend each of them before the vote and the proclamation of the results.

Following the ceremony, speeches by regional president NNGG, Victor Manuel Martinez, President of the PP in Totana, Isabelle Nau, the Deputy Secretary for Elections, Teresa Moreno, and closing the mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo, accompanied by the president the Bureau.

New generations want to invite all members of this youth organization and supporters to attend the conference and to participate in the election of the new Executive Local NNGG.


New Generation will celebrate its local Congress on Friday after 21 hours - 1

27/4/2010 Source: PP Totana. Foto: archivo


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