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 PSOE: "The accounts of the council are in the hands of undocumented"

For the Socialists, "if something made evident on Tuesday full of the disastrous management of the municipal economy and ruin to which we are carrying the PP. In the discussion that took place during the plenary session it was clear that Councilman Treasury does not know what he's talking and simply read the four notes he had prepared. "

Claim from the PSOE in a statement that "the mayor and the PP are making up and manipulating the accounts in an attempt to make us believe that the economic situation is good and controlled, when the reality is that the debt to suppliers is close to 30 million euros, to which we must add 38 million owed to banks, most debts Urbaser and planning agreements. In total over 100 million euros, as lower debt away from City Hall as intended to create, is still growing year after year. "

From the PSOE totanero say that "José Martínez Andreo Bartolomé Pallares and must explain to citizens how they think to deal with these payments, which measures will be taken to reduce debt, when they think pay providers and a myriad of uncertainties that can not clear, and that lead to mistrust of banks, businesses and citizens in the city of Totana.

"The PP should face reality and stop deluding."

For the PSOE's economic council is not bad, very bad because several reports have been published by various agencies are the most indebted municipality with banks in the region of Murcia, and one of the most indebted of Spain ".

Socialists say that "the city of Totana is a fixed expense that doubles their chances, and that is what creates that each year the debt will continue to grow or that suppliers do not charge. This situation was created by the PP and especially José Martínez Andreo, which in recent years has amply demonstrated its inability to manage the council. "

From the PSOE insist that "when the mayor says spending is down, you should tell us about when and how. What is clear is that the only charge that has fallen has been the investment and which is intended to subsidize groups and associations, and so it is curious that the mayor lied, brazenly to the presidents of fraternities saying that the opposition wanted to take away the subsidy, when he is the true threat. "

From the socialist ranks claim that "if the mayor said he is satisfied with the accounts of the council is left with no way to resign immediately, because the accounts which includes the settlement of the budget are much worse than those who never had imagined and as these numbers The council is unpaid earnings from 2007 of over 82.5 million euros as well, or are a lousy collectors or those numbers are lies and are used to massage and manipulate the accounts. "

"The Socialist Party has demonstrated its willingness to collaborate and we have tabled many proposals and alternatives. The mayor does not want the help of anyone, not even the council of his party, he thinks a visionary who knows more than anyone and does not accept the reality that is none other than the ineptitude and inability to run the council. So urge anyone who has the ability to make it apart immediately, as each day passes will be harder to fix the mess that is causing this man, that is the worst mayor ever had Totana, Juan Morales including "they conclude.


PSOE: "The accounts of the council are in the hands of undocumented" - 1

31/3/2010 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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