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 The mayor announced the third fall in the wages of the government team, department heads and senior council with 6 per cent

The Mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo, has announced that the salaries of the aldermen, the mayor's own, department heads, senior staff of the Consistory and confidence will be reduced for 2010 by 6 percent municipal contain current spending.

This further reduction is that from the beginning of the term has fallen by 10 percent payroll of about twenty employees of the City.

The mayor explained that the third time that these salaries are set down in Chapter I of Staff, as in 2008 froze the IPC, in 2009 salaries were reduced by 2 percent in wages and with the reduction will be implemented this year from 6 percent, will achieve the reduction by 10 percent.

Mainly salaries are affected by this measure are those of the mayor, the council released, department heads, the Town Clerk, Comptroller, the Chief of Police, the Head of Human Resources and staff confidence.

This measure is part of the austerity plan designed at the beginning of the political year 2009/10, as noted by the mayor, who has focused on reducing the costs of the Consistory to not affect the quality which are provided municipal services.

In this sense, Martínez Andreo reminded that it has removed almost all of overtime, allowances have been contained, had been deleted several different negotiated headquarters in council, and have not been called vacancies for the municipal staff, including other actions.

In this regard, the municipal councilor stated that "for two years, is actively working for the team of the Government in reducing current expenditure and the realignment of services without sacrificing the quality of them, because it is time belt-tightening within the City, leaving at any time to support the productive sectors. "

Thus, the government team will demonstrate that the municipal officials are aware of the expenditure by the municipality and give example, before the economic crisis of the municipal treasury and the town, as reported by the mayor totanero.

Also pointed out that the savings measures, framed in the Second Economic and Financial Plan, launched by the City Council of Totana will reduce by more than 2 million current expenditure in 2010.

Proof of this is that 45 million municipal budget that was established in 2008, in 2009 it dropped to 36 million euros and is now working on a more austere budget and appropriate to the terrible fiscal year to be live, not only in Totana but in the rest of the country, said Martínez Andreo.

Therefore, the government team is drafting a budget, which will be around 30 million euros, which will further reduce current spending in order to decrease by 30 percent over these expenses for this year and will transfers substantially cut subsidies, how could it be otherwise.


The mayor announced the third fall in the wages of the government team, department heads and senior council with 6 per cent - 1

29/3/2010 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana. Foto: archivo


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