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 UI shows its rejection of the relocation of the Centre for Adult Education, from its location in the Old Institute

"It is incomprehensible that the disastrous management of the Popular Party, in terms of local associations, seeks to relegate the Adult Education Centre, where would you build your unique role in times of crisis that affects us," they say from IU + LV Totana

"The council of the United Left + The Greens, in the city of Totana, scoffed at the claim of the PP, local transfer from the Centre for Adult Education in Lower Guadalentín, from its present location, without providing the means and uniqueness programs that provide, at a time of crisis, which is essential to strengthen the Adult Education and Training in a city where unemployment is rife among a population in need of recycling, training and access to studies out of the crisis " , report from the coalition said in a statement.

IU claimed from "professionals Center for Adult Education, have received the order to transfer their existing units, in the Old Secondary School", the Prado Mayor, regardless of space and resources necessary to deliver its programs: Adult Secondary Education, Secondary Education, Test Preparation books, access to the University for over 25 years, Literacy for Driving Licence, Spanish for foreigners, or Mentor Reading-Writing Workshop " .

"The claims of the government team to move the Center to the College" Luis Pérez Rueda, "could not be more ridiculous, the location of that College, which is due to private interests over the public and is located almost at kilometer from the village, reinforcing the marginalization of the same, "he added.

According to IU, "under pressure from the professionals, local authorities have opted for transfer to Secondary Education Center," Prado Mayor ", which would mix classrooms, spaces and Adult Education services, complicating the work of professionals and the integration of students with specific themes, returning to the 60's, when classrooms were shared. "

"Far from providing a specific Center for Adult Education, Martínez Andreo, shelves this essential service to the premises are occupied by associations to which they have been evicted from premises used since 2002 ..." said Councilman IU + The Greens, Juan José Canovas.

UI, supports the Professional Education Center for Adults, "to continue in the existing facilities and only there is a move to a location that meets the requirements and have the range that corresponds to training and retraining programs for the population adult, so in need of training and retraining, to address the future. "

"It is not acceptable to strip a saint to dress another, the erratic policies of the Municipal Government in Totana PP ..." Canovas says.


UI shows its rejection of the relocation of the Centre for Adult Education, from its location in the Old Institute - 1

22/3/2010 Source: IU+LV Totana


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