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 IU says, "The mayor has had to backtrack on its claims of cutting rights and wages to staff"

"In the Assembly held late in the morning, Martínez Andreo, has ground flat on its position of weeks ago, when he said the difficulties in the payroll, has announced that the rental pool will be voluntary and paid at 50% Totana neighbors of taxes "

"The Formation of the Left, the Mayor believes the riprap as a ruse to gain time, to the difficulties in obtaining more loans, not cut current spending or raise the RPT as the solution to the economic disaster that has led the municipal treasury"

"In the Assembly held late in the morning, Martínez Andreo, has flat-grinding to the workforce," his approach to three weeks ago, when he said that the City was going through extreme difficulties to pay the payroll, advertising cuts in hours and wages, and other measures at the expense of some officials and workforce that would pay the piper for his disastrous economic management, which has led to the Consistory to be the most indebted in the region ", say from IU + LV a statement.

"Meetings convened the Working Committee set up, have only been a Paripe, which has left in the wrong place at the Deputy Mayor, Juan Carrion, which amended the flat, overruling their proposals at the second meeting. The legal commissioned by the Municipal Group Los Verdes-IU + released from officials, "made clear the blatant illegality which would be incurred if the government team cut hours and wages, unilaterally to municipal officials," they add.

"Martínez Andreo, will do everything possible not to take the necessary measures to cut current spending, costly image campaigns, released or reduced staff confidence that together with the suffocating debt, are the big problem of the Consistory totanero you no longer rely on the banks ... "said Councilman IU + Greens, Juan José Canovas.

According to IU, "the announcement of the Mayor, in the Assembly this morning, that the solution to the financial problem of the City of Totana, passes through voluntary overtime and holidays, 50% paid by taxpayers, no longer other nonsense more than a politician without north, which also announced the start of negotiations to provide a List of Jobs-parked for years by the PP-like solution to the problem as a smokescreen again, mark home.

"We sense that the RPT can be an excuse for the Mayor to" reward "their loyal and reduce wages to the" not attached "to their cause, to be negotiated to give letter of law and strengthen the nonsense in current expenditure has grown in the city of Totana, like a snowball, since coming to power of Juan Morales and José Martínez Andreo ... "Canovas says.


IU says, "The mayor has had to backtrack on its claims of cutting rights and wages to staff" - 1

18/3/2010 Source: IU+LV Totana


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