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 The PP says, "is the first time in the history of democracy that the PSOE and IU have neither a single argument or proposals to the Municipal Budget"

The Popular Party in Totana reports that "the 2009 Municipal Budget will be adopted permanently and automatically at the next regular plenary to be held on Tuesday, after the PSOE and IU have not filed or recorded a single argument or alternative proposals to document. "

According to the PP, is the first time in the history of democracy that a budget is approved in this way and reveals the absence of opposition groups in the City and the very few contributions that the PSOE and IU performed action municipal government, so it is not intended to criticize both the economic and financial situation but do not present alternatives. "

For the PP, is shown - "as we have been pointing out for months" - that "the participation of opposition parties in the City is based exclusively on the political erosion of the government team at the expense of Operation" Totem "and the procedural position of mayor. "

Popular ensure that "this is not new because since the beginning of this term, council members do not attend socialist institutional and social events, evade participate in some organs of municipal debate and there have been full to those who have not filed or motions ".

The Municipal Group PP states that "the Socialist spokesman Otálora political work focuses on media strategy and demonstrates with this act of negligence, which is not aware of what happens in the Consistory but apparently not, but to be more concerned with accounting for the management of the National Government of Zapatero in this county. "

It regrets that "not made or a contribution to any plan or major project launched by the government team to address the institutional, economic and social de Totana" and "has been discovered as" Pinocchio "policy municipal and the flagship of the empty and unrealistic ideas, "he added.


21/2/2009 Source: PP Totana


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