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 The PP urges the Government of Argentina to promote a law on protection and promotion of crafts

The Municipal People's urge the Government of the Nation in the next plenary session to be held on Tuesday 24 February, a law that promotes the protection and promotion of handicrafts "to respond to the needs of the development sector and Article 130.1 of the Spanish Constitution. "

Furthermore, the PP in Totana requests the Government of Zapatero that promotes a true national defense policy and promotion of handicrafts.

The Spanish Constitution provides special protection to the crafts sector as a specific economic sector.

Indeed, section 130.1 contains that "public authorities shall promote the modernization and development of all economic sectors, particularly agriculture, livestock, fisheries and handicrafts in order to bring the level of Spanish life for all. "

In this sense, the mayor of Handicrafts, María Isabel Sánchez Ruiz, explained that to date there is no serious national initiative that responds to the needs of the artisan sector and the development of the Spanish constitution article mentioned above.

In this regard, Sánchez Ruiz stressed that this lack of state-level initiative has encouraged the development of regulations and public policies disparate regional level.

However, "at the local level, the Council of Totana has spent years conducting very active policy advocacy and especially craft of pottery," say the PP.

Despite this, the crisis facing our economy is not new to the craft sector, so that, as indicated by the mayor, claiming artisans for years a series of social security benefits, special measures of wealth and in training.


20/2/2009 Source: PP Totana


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