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 IU urges the Mayor to "do not use public policy issues for politics and launch a smokescreen to its inability to tackle problems"

"The Mayor of Totana, has found another vein to throw smoke screens that clog the city's economic plight and take responsibility against the Guardia Civil, when this body has demonstrated its professionalism for years, although in recently do not be manipulated by the PP or other interests other than their missions "make absolutely from IU Totana in a statement.

Since IU is considered "another excuse to Martínez Andreo, trying to blame the state security forces the erratic policy in that area that has become 'gala' the PP in recent years. Multiply the local police staff, spend considerable amounts of public money into private security or increase expenditures more than tripled, have shown that the issue of public order, the PP is only interested when you have to take advantage of a partisan, a problem that does not support political disputes. "

They add that "the 'vendetta' which is pending against the Deputy Mayor of Government, is revealed when he wants to blame the Civil Guard of the increase in theft and crime, which recalls his time in opposition, with the Government of the Left when they invented attacks and insecurity, which was used by his teacher, Juan Morales and the media, supported by the PP, with city money, to attack the Local Government, ignoring responsibilities to the then Government Delegate, Peñarrubia, who worked with Morales and Andreo to instigate demonstrations against the City. "

"When ruling on the left, encouraged stone City Hall. Now, lay the responsibility for the Civil Guard, whose 'sin' has been worse not to be manipulated on the ghost of the flag, organized by the PP, Oct. 12 to hide problems with the law, "he added from IU.


16/2/2009 Source: IU Totana


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