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 The balance of the year are socialist political and Andreo urged to "take political responsibility and leave the hall"

The Municipal Socialist Group spokesperson has appeared at a press conference to review the political management of the different areas of city hall of Totana, and has described 2008 as "a lost year for lack of leadership, by the confrontation of different popular factions, by the increase in municipal debt that mortgages the future of the city. "

During his speech Juan Fco Otálora has conducted an analysis of the situation in the various councils, did not hesitate to describe as "very worrying about the lack of resources and effective initiatives that respond to the real problems of the neighbors."

The Secretary General of the Socialist totaneros regretted "the political myopia of the mayor and councilors innocuous tailing that despite having stood up, are not consistent with what they have said publicly and privately about the failure of Andreo and of its intention to evict the mayor. "

Otálora stated that "the difficult economic situation is further aggravated in Totana, because the municipal debt that has brought us the last five years of the PP and the lack of ethical integrity that has the mayor to continue to preside over the municipal corporation and representing neighbors, so it is urgent to resign. "

Said, however, that "the planned investment by the government of Zapatero in Totana could be reduced somewhat the economic crisis, but also questioned the lack in management capacity and the absence of the current project for the city government team."

Socialist leader lamented the "viciousness and hatred that distill the latest manifestations of the mayor, the public proclamation of enemies he has made, the insults, the tension and fighting in the living that their strategy is producing."

Otálora finally made a call to "the responsibility to overcome personal and institutional imbalances and that the council of PP clarify once and for all, assuming the government of Totana, as determined by a little less than two years will neighbors in the last municipal elections. "


The balance of the year are socialist political and Andreo urged to "take political responsibility and leave the hall" - 1

29/12/2008 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto:


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