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 The PP PSOE and IU believes "are nervous because it dissolves the political advantage that offered the" Case Totem "

The Municipal People's considers that the PSOE and IU are "very nervous" because, "after the lifting of the sub judice rule, dissolving like sugar theories and strategies of urban corruption that kept on the current mayor and his government team" and notes that currently "the only political activity in the City is to stretch all they can Totem Case."

According to PP, "can no longer squeeze more political advantage to them by" Case Totem "and worry that, after nine months have been dereliction of duties without presenting a single proposal in full, not to participate in debates of different organs and make contributions in the working committees and promoted specific plans. "

The estimated PP PSOE and IU "are angry about the current state of the judicial process" Case Totem "and believes" the use partisan and yellow are doing municipal groups opposing the summary talks to people face is more typical of political gossip and pink rigorous analysis of the legal consequences of the accused, and public use just twitching to erode the company and management team of government. "

In addition, the party says that "the initiatives made public in recent days as the dissolution of the corporation, the calling of elections, equating to Estepona or the request for mass resignations, involving well as an institutional political irresponsibility and disloyalty, a sign of desperation because they see that their attitude in recent months is having a boomerang effect on their partisan interests. "

He also believes that "the press conference in Murcia and trial balloons launched by the opposition on false statements and allegations of judicial council on today related to the" Case Totem ", and the dissemination of talks concerned the confidentiality of judicial make it very clear to them apart, increasingly, his manipulative urban alleged plot strategy to keep the harassment and shooting down the mayor and aldermen. "

Reiterate that the PSOE and IU "have an unhealthy obsession to revive the pact had already cast in the legislature to achieve the Mayor 1999/2003 and ignoring the will of the majority of citizens and skipping over the basic rules of the democratic game, despite being further away than ever from the interests and concerns of the citizens of Totana.

For the PP "attitude of the Socialist Group to make high State policy by sending dossiers on this case to the Congress only intended to maintain and revive a debate which is only responsible for keeping the opposition political parties in Totana and some regional leaders of the PSOE and IU. "

The CP adds that "the national president of the party, Mariano Rajoy, knows first hand the situation of the process and not by socialist sources and urges the Socialist councilor Jose Martinez Usero that the best thing to do is, like the rest of his colleagues in the opposition, to continue the summer holidays without stepping on the council or attend any public event. "

Finally, he asked a user "to be informed about what the president said his party and the Junta de Andalucia, Manuel Chavez, who said a day after the city of Estepona not be dissolved because it had nothing to do with situation of Marbella Town Hall. "


16/7/2008 Source: PP de Totana


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