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 The CP IU + LV recalls that "he had planned to participate in the municipal newsletter"

The Municipal People's remember that IU + the Greens planned to participate, in fact, with editing a page, the same way that the PSOE on the information generated by this political party at City Hall in the first issue that had plan to edit in January and has been postponed to coincide with the first anniversary of the legislature. "

Also, remember that "the era of coalition government of the PSOE and IU both parties municipal edited magazines with more frequency and on specific management areas of both bands duplicating efforts and expenses as Pedanías, Industry and Social Policy to account for its individual management in the "sharing agreement" that starred in the Legislature 1999/2003. "

For the PP, the only difference is that "when IU did spend greater amounts of public funds, as did more regularly and on different areas, was to promote communication channels for public service and encourage neighbors citizen participation, and when it does so legitimately PP municipal government is to manipulate, misinform and lead public opinion. "

The PP believes that Councilman IU + LV, Juan José Cánovas, has "little political memory" and "fall back into the incoherence and folly in his message, as when the governor argued in its publications funded by the City Council on the areas that his party managed large cover-hogging it was to inform citizens how to manage public money and account for municipal agreements and now it comes to wasting money and promoting an advertising campaign. "

The Popular Party recalls that "at the time that Juan José Cánovas was first deputy mayor accounted for the increased spending on political advertising protocol and the entire history of democracy, including media to promote your service," "still the Consistory maintains litigation in the courts with media companies for non-payment of the waste from some media at that particular time. "

Furthermore, the PP means that "neither the mayor nor his administration need to do advertising campaigns as they have amply supported the majority of citizens of Totana, as all groups are demonstrating every day, and says it only IU + LV the PSOE, using the Case of "Totem", are using their tricks of propaganda and electoral politics for the sole purpose of wearing the PP even at the expense of damage to neighbors, employers, employees, professional and social groups in this county. "


15/7/2008 Source: PP de Totana


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