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 Izquierda Unida de Totana harshly criticizes the government of the PP "by wasting money on a book totaneros"

According to IU "as suppliers and contractors are not paid for months and the council is in ruin, the mayor used public funds to be image campaign at the expense of neighbors."

The Coalition of the Left in Totana has forcefully criticized "spending that has led to the print edition and distribution of a book, funded with money from all totaneros, with the sole purpose of processing an advertising campaign for Justice in several alleged crimes, Mayor of Totana, you have to resort to wasting money to "cover" their responsibilities and the regional PP appeals to stop the mayor, to the harm being done to the good name of Totana, by their attitude numantina by clinging to a position that has not proven worthy of carrying on the rule of law. "

"The pamphlet, apricot and propaganda is an insult to the intelligence of the citizens of Totana ..." said Councilman IU + Greens in Totana, Juan José Canovas.

From the coalition added that "Martínez Andreo, return to castle, to stay in a position that is too much, to the regional media criticism, which can not buy or threatening and wasteful, with both hands, money that the neighbors of Totana every day it is harder to earn and pay taxes. Containing propaganda full of cheap and tawdry, dozens of photos of the "leader" and false claims, having accomplishments that are neither started. The PP gives again painful image in a democratic system where we are all subject to the rule of law central pages of the publication, the Municipal Government devotes to extol the figure of the Mayor, with an interview full of praise, without the slightest self-criticism or reference to serious events in Totana in recent months and the passage of a prison mayor, who is on bail and appointed by democratic institutions as a public official who heads the City Council as if it were his farm, encouraging and using his own office, to suppress and persecute those who think like him. "

From IU in Totana, urging the Regional PP and Ramon Luis Valcarcel, to "take urgent steps in Totana and apart for public office who are in the crosshairs of the Justice or behave as does Mr. gala Martínez Andreo. "


Izquierda Unida de Totana harshly criticizes the government of the PP "by wasting money on a book totaneros" - 1

15/7/2008 Source: IU+Los Verdes de Totana


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