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 They take possession of the new mayors-headman for the legislature 2015/19

The Mayor of Totana, Juan José Canovas, chaired last night the act of inauguration of the new mayor-pedáneos representing the residents of the provincial legislature during 2015/2019, the official ceremony was held at the municipal hall full.

This event was attended by the first deputy mayor, Andres Garcia, the council of Citizen Participation, Agustin Gonzalo Martinez, and districts, Immaculate Blazquez, and members of the Municipal Corporation of the four groups with municipal representation.

Only the headman mayor of Morti, Maria Jose Romero, did not participate in the act for personal reasons, taking possession and the rest of the elected neighborhood representatives.

The new mayors-pedáneos are Paqui Pérez Caballero (The Paretón-Cantareros), Salvador Murcia (La Sierra), Ana Maria Garcia (The Raiguero), Rosa Canovas Tudela (Vinas-Carivete), Mari Carmen Tapia Gómez (La Huerta), Concepción Blázquez (Lebor), Esperanza Martinez Meseguer (The Coast) and Maria Jose Romero (Morti).

With this act and completes the process of election or ratification of neighborhood representatives in the eight councils of the municipality of Totana, just as advertised and had committed representatives who make up the current municipal government team.

In some cases, the village headman were chosen by election in the event that two or more candidates were presented;

while in others they have been ratified by telling neighbors in both cases with significant local participation.

In this term, repeated four-pedáneas mayors in office, in this case, Vinas-Carivete, La Huerta, Lebor and the Coast;

while new to the neighborhood representatives in charge of the Paretón-Cantareros, The Raiguero, La Sierra and Morti.

The mayor expressed his satisfaction with the fact that he had completed the process of public participation, while acknowledging that less than expected in some districts;

but he said he was optimistic that in the future the involvement of neighbors is greater.

He also recalled that it is a fulfillment of the municipal government with citizens responding to their election pledges to do so in a participatory manner and wished them the best of luck because yours will be also administered the citizens of the various districts.


They take possession of the new mayors-headman for the legislature 2015/19 - 1

They take possession of the new mayors-headman for the legislature 2015/19 - 2

18/12/2015 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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