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 A win and a defeat in the double shift Valencian land

Weekend Club meetings Totana TM 2nd NATIONAL |

.With 2-4 victory and defeat 5-1 Alzira Alcoy has resulted double shift 2nd national team this weekend.

No pressure, with the homework done and for several days (guaranteed permanence) facing the team's last league matches.


In the first leg played in Totana they won 2-4 and now Alcireños in the 2nd round, have been totaneros which have been identical victory Julian resultado.Comenzó well with 0-3 victory and good game on local Mario Caballero.

Then there was a tough match between two veterans, Domingo and Fustir.

Finally the point was the Fuster local who won 3-2.

Vicente also now gave the victory to the locals who went ahead 2-1 with a point made by Carlos knee that left totanero play and won the next point Sunday 3-0.En improved and this time if were scored for his team achieved a draw the meeting to 2 with 1-3 victory over Caballero.

Julian again was outstanding.

Knee winning now 0-3.

The Totana was much more regular than the local defensive player.

Vicente 2-3 for our team, now gave everything and another hard game Fuster.

This time the fifth game falling visitor side which meant the final 2-4 victory also achieving totaneros be favorable average for the amount of games.


Although, in theory, neither team playing anything was seen in "The City of Bridges" a pretty intense game.

Vicente began ceding the point Arnau Ferrer who was very safe in all sets and won 3-0.

Good game played between Domingo Mendez and Gisbert Molina.

He won the Alcoy 13-11 in the fifth game.

Great match between Julian and Gisbert Iborra.

Very good points of both and also for the final victory of Alcoy.

Vicente, very touched and physically is I broke as he could before Gisbert Molina but was again the local player which added to his team leaving and solved the encuentro.Aunque only honrilla, Julian and Arnau were played delighted us with a nice match, played able to power by both players.

Igualadísimo to the end and this time totanero, which has been outstanding throughout the weekend, achieved victory by the minimum.

The last match between Domingo and Gisbert Iborra was also for the local player who was able to resolve at decisive points.

In summary one win and one loss team totanero home fourth and scored what could eventually reach up to fifth place in this group 9 national 2nd fifth.

For their part, Alcoy ensure fourth place and Alzira are waiting for what the totanero team in the league last day of the weekend will be held and in which our team will have two meetings but this time at home.


The next day, the last of the 2nd National League, the club played two games Totana TM.

both at home in the Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez.

The Saturday morning at 11 am will play against Valencia Burjassot and in the afternoon at 5 against the CTM Alicante Aspe.



Irregular game played by Totana B at home to CD Mazarrón bringing the meeting to the final doubles match in which the twins showed stronger Mazarron thus earning couple to win the game.

It started with little intensity Domingo Jr. what Miguel Ortiz took advantage to overtake those of Mazarrón.

After Juan Pedro Sánchez equaled 1 to beat Manuel Sanchez 3-1.

Now a very irregular Santiago yielded in the fifth game 10-12 for Juan M. Navarro what his team ahead by putting the match 1-2 ahead in the Mazarrón.

Juan Pedro now added to the Totana B to trace a party that ended up having almost lost to Miguel Ortiz but he knew fight to the end;

Totanero 3-2 with 12-10 in the fifth game.

Sunday now it safer and rightly won 3-0 Navarro what first put his team ahead 3-2.

Santiago could not beat Manu González.

The safest Mazarrón won and tied in meeting 3.

In the doubles the most aggressive and blended totaneros win 3-1 which gave victory to Totana B in the last league match of 3rd National.

Now prepare the season finale in which the Autonomous Championships, Tops and Spain Championships will be played.


In autonomic defeat of Totana Promises.

Alejandro, Mario, Gabriel and Dani were aligned.

The point totaneros did Gabriel Carlos Sánchez 3-0.

Before he had yielded 1-3 with Alex Smirnov also beat Alejandro 0-3.

Meanwhile Murcia July Puigcerver also made two points about Alejandro (2-3) and then on Dani while Mario gave 1-3 with Carlos Sanchez.

The next game of Totana Promises will be away from home, on Sunday 26 against IES El Palmar.


A win and a defeat in the double shift Valencian land - 1

A win and a defeat in the double shift Valencian land - 2

A win and a defeat in the double shift Valencian land - 3

A win and a defeat in the double shift Valencian land - 4

A win and a defeat in the double shift Valencian land - 5

19/4/2015 Source: Club Totana TM


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