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 General Rejection PGMO Totana

Last night was held in the hall of CEBAG, the planned Round-Table Conference on Land-use planning (PGMO) Totana.

In the session, presented and moderated by Manuel Rodriguez, Channel 6, attended by heads of list to WIN Totana, Juan José Canovas;

PSOE, Andrés García;

TOTANA CAN, Pedro José Romero and CITIZENS, Asensio Soler.

Also speaking at the table José Luis Hernández, President of CEBAG.

He did not participate, despite being invited, and have repeatedly requested his attendance and participation, the current mayor and candidate of the PP, María Isabel Sánchez Ruíz, for whom he had symbolically reserved a place at the table, which eventually was unoccupied.

If anything agreed in their interventions the four candidates, was in its rejection of the text and version Urban Plan provisionally approved on March 26 by the Plenary of the Municipal Corporation, with only the votes of the PP.

Also agreed the four heads of list that the main reason for opposition to the Plan are planning agreements.

While the proposals of candidates on what to do with the Plan, after the elections next May 24, running between the most radical position Totana Can (CAN) that "you have to throw it away" and WIN TOTANA (UI) to be deep and agree to renegotiate the Plan and see what aspects are usable.

For his part, the President of CEBAG, said much debate, dialogue and consensus is needed among the members of the next Corporation, to reach a consensual alternative for issues such as the General Plan to solve the economic situation of technical bankruptcy Hall Totana.

The seminar and panel discussion, which lasted for about an hour and a half was recorded entirely by local television stations (Tele Totana and Channel 6) and;

ways in which interested parties can view or listen to the entire contents of it.

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17/4/2015 Source: CEBAG


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