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 The domigo March 28 will be the "Veiled by lipodystrophies"

The next Saturday, March 28, in the Plaza de la Vieja Balsa de Totana the light of many candles will symbolize enlightenment to follow the path of research in lipodystrophy.

That day at 20:00 and the Association of Families Affected lipodystrophy (AELIP) has organized an evening for lipodystrophy, part of the program of events to mark World Day of lipodystrophy.

The association is invited anyone who wants to collaborate to come to the square of Balsa Vieja and participate in this initiative to illuminate research in lipodystrophy, through the acquisition of two euros a candle that will be deposited in this space.

This event also has the support of the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Superior de Totana, and will at the same attended by presidents of sororities and fraternities totaneras six bands of bugles and drums.


The domigo March 28 will be the "Veiled by lipodystrophies" - 1

26/3/2015 Source: AELIP


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