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 Miralles highlights the work of the Association "The Candle" in Totana with people at risk of exclusion

Since December 2013, 'The Candle', in collaboration with the IMAS and the European Social Fund, has trained 37 130 people gained employment

The Director General of Pensions, Assessment and Inclusion Programs Murciano Institute of Social Action (IMAS), Miguel Angel Miralles, highlighted the work of the Association 'The Candle' in the town of Totana to care for people at risk of social exclusion and encourage them to apply for a job after participating in individualized itineraries labor integration.

Miralles was speaking, accompanied by the Mayor of Totana, María Isabel Sánchez, during the presentation of diplomas Association 'The Candle' 26 people who completed the courses and job search techniques and job training buildings and Cleaning large areas.

This training activity funded 20 percent by the IMAS and 80 percent by the European Social Fund, is framed in the Project 'Labor: A step towards employability' Association 'The Candle', and its main mission is to improve the chances of employment of men and women with special difficulties.

The 'Work' project is the only available resource to work Totana social and professional integration of people at risk of social exclusion.

Specifically, vertebrate develop actions in the home to detect potential problems and address them;

participant in itself, making it acquire skills and techniques for entering the job market, and the socio-economic environment to identify potential job opportunities.

In this project, the CEO stated, is "remarkable also coordinating with the entity that maintains the employment office of the town for easy access to the collective public employment services"

Miralles said it is "essential" that maintains contact this partnership with municipal utilities to facilitate the participants of the various training initiatives to undertake a placement to improve the learning gained during the theoretical sessions and that later can get a job.

Performing 'The Candle'

The Association 'The Candle' launched in November 2007, 'Labor: A step towards employability' project through which attention has been given to training activities and career counseling to more than 420 unemployed and people with special difficulties positioning to paid work.

From December 2013 have treated 130 people who made an individual itinerary and labor integration of which 37 got a job.

Also, comprehensive social care offered to all participants in "close" collaboration with the Centre for Local Services Totana.

Miguel Angel Miranda emphasized interagency collaboration with the Third Sector as well as all those private and public companies that enable continued attention to the most disadvantaged groups in order to actually make their social integration.


Miralles highlights the work of the Association "The Candle" in Totana with people at risk of exclusion - 1

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