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 Athletes Athletics Club participated in Totana Ascent Portazgo V

On Sunday Cieza took place in the first round of the Regional League Mountain Racing Mountaineering Federation of the Region of Murcia.

At 9:30 am departure to the 500 riders in the event of 26 km and more than 50 test occurred 14 km, running -. Places by the Watchtower Cieza and Sierra del Oro, and ascending to El Portazgo geodesic accumulating a positive slope of 1,650 meters and a degree of difficulty FEDME 43.

Test veteran mountain races in the Region of Murcia, this year was presented with a renewed path to it by extreme hardness to this issue, without being the most demanding of all the doubts held to date.

To ciezana locality components Walker Group Sale Rat Raquel Tudela, Marcos Martinez and Simon Martinez and TAC members, Jose Martinez Ballester, Pepe and Antonio Sáez and Edu Lucas brothers moved.

José Manuel Vázquez friend alhameño COYM team was also present.

Since we already have habituated, Raquel took the third podium of his veteran running category with a time of 4:30

The rest, completed all testing lap times with very meritorious given the hardness of the test, with the first Marcos Martinez and Pepe both with a time of 4:18, Luke 4:32 Edu, his brother Antonio 4:49, Simon 4 : 54, 4:55 and Pepe Vazquez Sáez 5:33

Great start to the racing season that hopefully will bring us some surprises along the year.

On the other hand, was held on Sunday 23 in the town of Torrevieja (Alicante), in which participated the corridor of CAT, BARTHOLOMEW SANCHEZ MUNOZ, who made a 01 time H.18 min.

32 sec.

being in the general position 19, and 7 in its 305 senior male category. -


Athletes Athletics Club participated in Totana Ascent Portazgo V - 1

24/2/2014 Source: Club de Atletismo de Totana


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