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 The morning plenary addresses a motion to dedicate a public space to the figure of "voluntary anonymous" Totana

The full City Council for a vote tomorrow Totana addresses the Mayor to dedicate a space to the figure of the "Voluntary anonymous" Totana public recognition to the selfless work for the benefit of the community and the general interest of the municipality.

Also be addressed, at the request of the Mayor, the Tax Bonus Building and Works (ICICI) to the Irrigation Community "Campix Water" by carrying out repairs as a result of torrential rains on 28 September.

Also will discuss a proposal from the Company Conejalía and productive sectors to the notice of competition for the name and logo of the new endowment Enterprise Municipal Nursery Totana.

The Popular Party has filed a motion to support the immediate passage of the Basic Law on Local Government with which you can solve the big problem of local finance.

Also discussed are the Municipal Socialist Group motions requesting the cleaning and conditioning of the industrial parks, especially the garden located next to the company "Moyca" parallel to the highway, urging the Government of Spain to extend the program " Prepare "aimed at people that delimit their unemployment benefits.

The Socialist Group also has raised other motions considering drafting and implementation of self-protection manual for local municipal government and its employees and users support ECI "The human right to water and sanitation "and to constitute a task force to study and evaluate the recruitment of staff held at City Hall for the past five years.

For its part, the United Left-Greens proposes a requirement to the Health Department to keep in Murcia prevention program with colon cancer and age objectives listed in 2006, and create a working group to study economic and financial restructuring of the Consistory.

IU-Greens presented, also, two motions for the Council to require the Central Government that the Commonwealth Taibilla Channel remains a public water supply manager in the member municipalities, and the approval of a plan to repair Rural Roads and application to the Ministry of Agriculture for a game finalist dowry to finance the repair and maintenance of rural roads in the municipality.


The morning plenary addresses a motion to dedicate a public space to the figure of "voluntary anonymous" Totana - 1

30/1/2013 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana. Foto: archivo


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