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 The Old Raft Square hosts the March 11 meeting of the association

The Old Square Balsa Totana hosts the March 11 meeting of the partnerships through which it offers a space in which entities may sell, buy and trade items in order to finance itself.

This initiative under the name "Solidarity Square" with the participation of more than one half of the township associations and non-profit that will be installed in the Square throughout Sunday March 11.

The mayor of Education, Maria Josefa Sanchez Mendez, presented this activity driven from the areas of Youth and Citizenship that aims to help the associations to finance itself.

According to Sanchez Mendez said, this activity is encouraged and self-financing alternative to the social fabric at the same time disclosed the other citizens of the municipality and exchange experiences between associations and groups involved.

For now, have confirmed their participation in the Collective Solidarity Plaza The Candle, Akacia Federation, the Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases, D'Genes, Wind Shelter Association, Pena Barcelonista, Solidarity Meeting Point, Atofade, Solidarity Association totanero Rake, Integra Centre Association, Anike Asoicación Volunteers Afemto, Creciment and Equestrian Therapy Association Murcia, Padisito, Astofibrom, Sun Totana Association, among others.

The booths are open from 11:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00 hours throughout the day.


The Old Raft Square hosts the March 11 meeting of the association - 1

29/2/2012 Source: Ayuntamiento. Foto: / Video: Totana.TV


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