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 Press conference "Assembly to the Senate"

Assembly to the Senate

The Assembly for the Senate has been established by a group of citizens aware and responsible in the Senate intend to defend the interests of most people in the region.

AS MR requires the Senate to fulfill effectively the power to decide which implies the right to veto amendments and substantive phase of legislative procedure.

This initiative follows a political event of great significance for the leftists in the Region of Murcia: the creation of a public platform to attend the upcoming elections to the Senate, a platform promoted by the Civic Forum, but has managed to combine supported by a growing number of people committed to social activism and association.

IU-The Green Movement Santomera EQUO and have agreed to the request for formal coverage as an electoral coalition to this list, removing themselves and giving prominence to the public all gathered around this project.

This is an important agreement that has managed to bring together much of the social and alternative left in the Region of Murcia, a deal that will provide a benchmark for the future and an example to the left in our country.

This agreement extends only to the nomination for the Senate, meaning that for elections to the Chamber of Deputies EQUOconcurrirán IU-Greens and with its own acronym and separately.

However, we believe that it is a big step forward for the need to mobilize the public in the face to get the greatest support for a leftist social front, clearly committed to the defense of public and non-politically oriented subordinated to the dictates of the market.

Moreover, the manner with which this initiative is being organized is also different: it works through grassroots assemblies with participatory democratic processes of debate and whose candidates have been chosen through an open primary.

We are aware that the economic and financial system liberal-conservative who has made political and legal reforms in their own interest not going to give up their privileges or to share their wealth voluntarily.

The success of our program we intend to base it on new political structures, legal and social.


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28/10/2011 Source: A.S.R.M. Foto: / Video: Totana.TV


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