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 PSOE: "Rajoy said now that will have to study the current layout of the Mediterranean Rail Corridor"

PP leader makes it clear to Valcárcel and Totana popular to question whether it is preferable to the rail of the Mediterranean, or vary the route to please Cospedal in Castilla-La Mancha and Aragon Rudi.

The Socialists denounced the silence of Rajoy in reference to proposals and election program, because if it did leave evidence that antisocial policy favors only the communities of the heavyweights of the PP.

For socialists it is clear that the hole cards are surfacing PP slips shyly as Rajoy is having on the few explanations and interviews it is giving the right leader, and that's what happened with the issue of rail link.

Remember that the socialists totaneros PP Totana, continues to insist that no Mediterranean corridor and it's all because of Zapatero, tired message repeated by local rulers and their service of propaganda.

Also ensure that the socialist government that Europe has recently won bet on the Mediterranean as the linchpin of railway communications in Spain, something that apparently does not like the PP of Cospedal and Rudi, and therefore not to Rajoy.

The socialists show their great satisfaction with this achievement of the Government of Spain and the mayor to urge that in the same way as demanded in the last full Zapatero ask that bet on the Mediterranean axis, are now able to demand their leader that this determination of the European Commission whether to consolidate the results of 20 N.


PSOE: "Rajoy said now that will have to study the current layout of the Mediterranean Rail Corridor" - 1

27/10/2011 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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