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 The website Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" has over 30,200 visits

The website of the municipal cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" Totana has had over 30,200 visits since November last year that was put into operation and to date, according to sources from the Department of New Technologies .

On this site, which became operational a few days before the feast of All Saints, 2010, users can learn about steps that have to do, daily deaths or learn more about the history of the cemetery, among other data.

In the portal, which was designed by the municipal officers of the Department of New Technologies and the company SLL Avatar Internet , you can learn about the services offered at the Municipal Cemetery, and the procedures to be followed or the information required to make transfers and funeral rights.

Furthermore, different spaces are distributed to the general location of the cemetery in the town of Totana, access to the general area of ​​news and a form where the neighbor could send suggestions for improvement to the service of the municipal cemetery.

The site includes a section of historical content, taken from the book by historian Juan Canovas Mulero "Municipal Cemetery 1885-2009 Our Lady of Mount Caramel" which highlights the evolution of Totana burials from the late nineteenth century, the famous people that descasar totaneros in the cemetery.

Photo reports are also made ​​in the years 2007 to 2009 and has nearly 900 photographs donated by .

Also, one of the most popular sections is the "administrative procedures", in which the user provides each of the steps you should take to perform the most common procedures required of the Department of Services the City, such as the copy of the request of the party, award application niches, vaults and pits or change of ownership of burial rights, apart from the ability to download the ordinances governing the cemetery.

Finally, two sections are very important for their visual content, since on the one hand in the "Evolution of the Cemetery" is a great visual gallery where clicking any photo to be displayed, where you can see its evolution three perspectives, from the year 92, to 97, until 2010.

Then provides a general plan of the municipal cemetery Totana, where clicking a street displays a set of photographs of this street date as of today, can make a visual tour around Totana Municipal Cemetery, with more than 2000 photographs of it.

On the right of the web there are three main sections plus access to the General Plan of the Cemetery, "Service Today", which shows that funerals were held on the date along with the data of the deceased and the date of the Mass funeral of the same, "Funeral", which establishes a set of companies totanera that relate directly to services provided to the families of the deceased, and funeral homes, florists or enterprises engaged in marble and derivatives and " Cemetery services "sets out what is offered to all municipal cemetery totaneros, such as file, chapel, among others.


The website Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" has over 30,200 visits - 1

25/10/2011 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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