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 The PP Totana expresses its revulsion at the appalling attacks on several regional party officials

Totana's Popular Party strongly condemns the violent riots and unjustifiable attacks which have been subjected to several popular charges and embarrassing harassment to the regional president's daughter Ramón Luis Valcárcel.

The PP said it was regrettable that the Government Delegate, Rafael González Tovar, described as "minimal and irrelevant incidents" the actions of an aggressive and vociferous crowd at the private residence of the President of the Autonomous Region for abuse, coercion and assault legally elected representatives Village.

Deputy Secretary of Communications of the local PP, Isabelle Nau, considers that the statements of Mr. Gonzalez Tovar are not appropriate for a government representative of the Nation in Murcia, which, in reality, merely partisan politics, biased and demagogic, missing the duties of his office, so it should be removed immediately.

According to Nau, Begoña García Retegui, PSRM candidate of the Community of Murcia, has demonstrated its "democratic spirit" by encouraging, by their presence, a violent minority, which is that, once again, facing the prospect of total collapse, the PSOE again launch its traditional strategy of tension to try to get by whatever means they are unable to get democratically at the polls.

Once again the left shows the different measuring stick as to who is going PP or PSOE, a circumstance already well known in the town of Totana.

Nau asked "where were the unions in May when the government cut the wages of ZP staff by more than 5% with the passive complicity of those same unions greatly subsidized and grateful."

The PP of Totana like to recall that the underfunding by the government headed by Rodríguez Zapatero has undertaken the situation of unsustainable public finances of the Autonomous Region of Murcia as well as the municipalities of the Region, including is that of Totana.

Nau wants to remember that who we are funded unfairly compared to other communities close to the PSOE, is ZP does not recognize more than 450,000 totaneros Murcia and 7,000 who use the services supported with city funds and pay their taxes.

In an exercise of responsibility, and given the current economic crisis, exacerbated by sectarian behavior of ZP to the Region of Murcia, the fourth community with less debt per capita of Spain, the regional government has found it necessary to adopt a series of adjustment measures in the regional administration in any case would have taken if the Zapatero government had transferred the 4,300 million euros of historical debt it has with Murcia.

Nau has claimed that the Socialist government, instead of generating jobs and wealth in Totana, has managed to destabilize the municipal coffers with the descent of eleven per cent per month on money transferred from State taxes monthly to the City Council of Totana, and criticized the attitude of Otálora elusive that is neither expected nor was he defending the general interests of the municipality with the Socialist government.

Nau explained that in 2009 the government transferred 417,000 euros each month in taxes each of the totaneros, however, and in the first month of 2010 recorded a decrease of 11 percent, 347,000 euros, 43,000 euros less each month that the City fails to receive the money that it deserves.

He said fear may think it can be of municipalities in 2011.

He recalled that most of the Consistory of the country, whatever color they are, are facing a difficult situation arising from the mismanagement of the National Government.

Nau said that one of the commitments was to Zapatero in the period 2004-2008 approved by the Local Finance Law, however, not only will never get to this step the law, but it's over, this year coming down the money is transferred to the municipalities.


The PP Totana expresses its revulsion at the appalling attacks on several regional party officials - 1

26/12/2010 Source: PP Totana. Foto: archivo


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