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 The PP Totana states that "the visit of García Retegui to Totana is a political sarcasm"

Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP in Totana, Isabelle Nau, said that the visit of PSRM-PSOE candidate for the Autonomous Community, Begoña García Retegui to Totana is a political sarcasm after the Socialist Group in the elections Local support another primary candidate, the mayor of Calasparra, Jesus Navarro.

According to Nau, visits and meetings at headquarters Retegui PSOE Cebag Totana and highlights what the role of everyone in this current political context and its contribution to society totanera at this time of crisis.

He has also noted that García Retegui has missed an opportunity to meet, really, with neighborhood groups and professional representative of Totana and know what their real needs, and know what you think about the ongoing abuse of Zapatero and the Government of Spain Totana and the Region of Murcia.

It could also have used his visit to Totana to explain the marginalization that this county has in the General State Budget for 2011.

Isabelle Nau said that the PP of Totana Retegui trust that has maintained the same speech that took on the project Alhama Paramount and urban development, and has convinced the socialists of Totana to what is suitable for the development of this town and its growth and progress.

Isabelle Nau has reiterated the political irony of Otálora newsprint and some Local Group responsible for photographing public who supported the losing candidate even Jesus Navarro.

Nau has indicated that re-use Otálora the recipe Rubalcaba "who used his predecessor Martínez bandwagon Baths winner but the loser to get support executive and not to lose political clout.

According to Nau, we fear that this recipe is not going to serve it before getting Otálora influence in Murcia will have to win elections sometime in Totana.


The PP Totana states that "the visit of García Retegui to Totana is a political sarcasm" - 1

25/11/2010 Source: PP Totana. Foto: archivo


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