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 They grant urban planning license for the basic project of execution of a swimming pool in the hotel complex of La Santa

The Local Government Board of the City of Totana has granted the merchant "Hotels of Murcia, SA" the enabling title of urban license for the execution of the basic project and execution of a pool in the hotel complex of La Santa, which has a hotel of 35 rooms and eight rural houses, according to the councilman of Urbanism, Carlos Ballester.

In the summer of 2017 this company assumed the new management of the hotel complex of La Santa, located next to the sanctuary of the Patroness of Totana, for the next twenty years.

The works of the pool will be undertaken according to the project drafted by the architect Francisco Guerao López and the favorable reports of the municipal technicians, whose actions will be subject to the conditions imposed by the sectoral reports issued by the general directorates of Culture, Natural Environment and Roads of the Autonomous Community.

The capacity of the pool area will have a maximum occupancy of 32 people for the swimming area and 49 people for the beach area;

and, of course, will have an adapted element to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility.

The mayor, Andrés García Cánovas, and the representatives of the contractor, the brothers Joaquín and Juan Carlos Legs Morillas, signed on September 9 of the aforementioned year the lease contract and received the keys of the hotel from the totanero councilor, making it official definitive form the management of the hotel and the rural houses in La Santa.

The award was formalized with a fee of 26,400 euros per year, the minimum of the base bidding budget that the city council had set.

The lease of this hotel infrastructure, whose allocation had been abandoned in previous calls, is for a period of two decades.

The previous managers closed the establishment in February 2016.

This hotel, which has a four-star category, is located in the natural park of Sierra Espuña, seven kilometers from Totana and near Aledo.

Also, the complex has eight rural houses, four of them in the so-called 'Corredor de Santiago' and four others near the hermitage distributed in the mountain.


They grant urban planning license for the basic project of execution of a swimming pool in the hotel complex of La Santa - 1

7/4/2018 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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