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 I League match FSSRM

This day is framed in the testing calendar of the region of Murcia in 2018 and is scoring for the regional league.

This event was a success in terms of organization and participation, attending the following clubs: Club Meraki Samaniego, Club Marsopa, Club los Olivos and Club Deportivo Move.

Among the participants was Martina Morales (Club Marsopa), recently proclaimed champion of Spain and with which could compete the swimmers totaneras Naiara Cánovas and Miriam Montes, who finished the test after the national champion.

Other totaneros participants who competed in the different tests with excellent results to be their first competition were Ángela Méndez, Consuelo Minerva, Kevin Astudillo, Sergio Mulero, José Vidal and Álvaro Herrero.

The eight swimmers of the sports club move will concentrate next weekend at the High Performance Center of the Narejos in a day of "equality" in which they will receive talks on sport, equality, nutrition and first aid.

In these days you can also train the beach tests, since the sport of lifeguard and aquatic rescue has different tests both in the pool and in open waters.

The team of the sports club move of lifesaving and lifesaving trains three days a week in the facilities of move and is directed by Noemí Hernández, which has made it possible for their chic @ s to get started in this attractive sport and enjoy competing for it. first time as federated athletes in this I Day of regional league.


I League match FSSRM - 1

13/3/2018 Source: MOVE


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