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 Two new podiums in Cieza for the Framusa Garden Grasshoppers

Last Sunday the Zig-Zag Marathon took place in the town of Cieza, the fourth scoring round of the Xc Marathon Open in the Region of Murcia, in which more than 600 bikers gathered, and where they moved from the Framusa Garden team Grasshopper Bikeplanet Team, Antonio Gines, Gabri, Manuel, Isma and Mario.

The route passed by cezanne places, had a distance of 55km and 1300 meters of positive height gain and that after the rains that had fallen the previous day, the terrain was in magnificent conditions.

Already in race, Gabri would leave with the group head but shortly after would be off the hook doing much of the race alone, followed by a group of about 15 runners in which marched Antonio Gines and Manuel after them would be left out of the group a few seconds, not being able to connect finally after paying the excesses in the exit and after losing along with another group in the last kilometers.

Isma who made a great start rolled in the lead in the early stages of the race, and throughout the race in the top 50, until he suffered a fall that had no serious consequences.

Mario who was with good legs, on the contrary had a bad day in terms of mechanical puncturing up to 3 times.

It should be noted error in the marking of the route in the last kilometers by which it made some runners shorten the route due to some signs of the trail test of the previous day, hurting Gabri who was sixth in the general classification and 3 elite, and finally in unfair ranking they would relegate him to position 19 and 7 elite, although he finally climbed to the podium, the assignment of the correct score is still pending.

The final results were the following:

Antonio Gines 9 general 3 masters 30th

Gabri 19 general and 7 elite although it would really be 6 general and 3 elite

Manuel 26 General and 5 Master 30th

Isma 80 general and 21 elite

Mario after the three punctures 277 general and 18 master 30th


Two new podiums in Cieza for the Framusa Garden Grasshoppers - 1

Two new podiums in Cieza for the Framusa Garden Grasshoppers - 2

Two new podiums in Cieza for the Framusa Garden Grasshoppers - 3

6/3/2018 Source: Framusa Garden Saltamontes


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