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 2nd national group 8: Alzira tt Metro 3- Totana Promesas 4

Weekend results Club Totana tm |

Great result in a great game played at the Pérez Puig Pavilion in Alzira on Saturday afternoon.

The match between the two veterans of the teams began.

Domingo Méndez and José Fuster, attacking and defensive made a beautiful and disputed game.

Long and intense points in all games to end the victory of totanero 1-3.

Domingo Jr. continued his hot streak with Angel Balaguer.

The local player went ahead but the young totanero recovered and more offensive and sure he managed to score the next three games and put the 0-2 on the scoreboard.

Santiago could make the match very expensive for the Totana Promesas but it was not like that.

Successful Sergio Fernandez in the attacks and the defense was 2-0 and although Santiago reacted well by scoring the third game, the fourth was again for the home player.

Domingo Jr. and Jose Fuster, another attacker with defensive flank another beautiful and intense match.

Sure and complete the totanero won 1-3 and put the overall score also in 1-3.

The first opportunity to close the match was not used by Domingo Méndez.

Sergio Fernandez managed to overcome a first game that seemed to be the totanero and then clearly won the next two what put the overall score in a disturbing 2-3.

The second chance also escaped.

Santiago was not successful and Angel Balaguer was placed 2-0.

Good reaction from Santiago who won very clearly the next two to equal 2 but in the fifth game Alzira came out very aggressive and successful getting off to win 3-2.

It came to 3-3 and the match would be decided in the doubles.

Santiago and Domingo Jr. did a great double.

Segurísimos in all facets beat Fernández / Balaguer 3-0 which was the victory in the match and also beat the Alzira set in the particular average.


Another great and intense match but this time it came out cross and the victory escaped.

The match with the victory of Domingo Jr. over Germán Gómez began very well.

Very safe little Domingo all weekend won 1-3.

After the veteran Domingo raised the lead on the scoreboard.

Amadeo Plá could not maintain the regularity and won the totanero 0-3 putting the 0-2 on the scoreboard.

The next point was for the locals, very irregular Santiago could not with Jaime Fernandez who scored for his team with this 3-0.

Again Domingo Jr. managed to add.

Well played game for both but in the end the totanero won in a tight 2-3.

The overall score was put at 1-3 with a visitor advantage.

But the comeback of the premises began.

Santiago was overtaken by Germán, who greatly improved his attack.

After Domingo Méndez could not with Jaime Fernandez who scored the three games in the advantages and finally a doubles of infarction in which the local couple German-Fernandez won 13-11 in the fifth game to the Mendez brothers who were missing A bit of luck to take advantage of the two match points they had.

Pity that this victory escaped in this very equal league of the group 8 of the 2nd National that is now on the high side to 5 teams all with 6 defeats being 1st the Paterna and 2nd the Totana Promises.


The next weekend important game of Totana Promises at home against the Valencian Pobla de Vallvona.

The match will be on Sunday 11 at 10 am at the Manolo Ibáñez Pavilion.

The team that wins will remain above the classification and the team that loses will lose enough options to fight for the promotion.

On the other hand in group 9, Totana TM will also play at home against bottom side Miguel Turra of Ciudad Real.

It will be Saturday 10 at 5:00 p.m.

Match with obligation to win to continue aspiring to high positions.



Equal match that was played on Saturday afternoon at the Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez in which the totanero team could emerge victorious against a complicated opponent.

For the totaneros, Mariano Tudela, Alejandro López and Gabriel Sánchez lined up, while the visitors were José María Ortiz, Victoriano Fernández and David Belmonte.

The match began Gabriel Sánchez with effectiveness scoring 3-1 on José María Ortiz.

Then the Palmares climbed to take the lead on the scoreboard with a tight win by Victoriano Fernández 3-2 against Mariano Tudela and with the victory of David Belmonte, who beat an irregular Alejandro Lopez 3-1.

From here all the points were declined towards the premises.

First, Gabriel Sánchez returned to equalize the match winning in extremis in the advantages of the fifth game to Victoriano Fernández in a game of many nerves.

Alejandro Lopez put ahead to Totana B to win this time with better game to José María Ortiz 3-2, so that after a safe Mariano Tudela closed the meeting scoring a 3-0 against David Belmonte.


Next Saturday, March 10th, the third team of Club Totana TM will face home against another rival next in the standings, the Mazarrón.

A victory would leave the totaneros near the top positions in this tied league of the 3rd National.



Defeat the totaneros of the school, in a more adjusted than indicated by the score, before a difficult opponent.

They played for the totaneros Agustín Tudela, Abraham López and Cayetano Rodríguez, while for the Lorca did Pedro Martínez and Javier Joaquín and Juan Francisco Manzanares.

The point of the totaneros scored Cayetano against Pedro, who had won to Abraham 3-1, but the Manzanares managed to add their two points all adjusted: Javier Joaquin won 3-2 to Agustin and Abraham, while Juan Francisco won 3 -1 to Cayetano and 3-2 to Agustín.


Next weekend the Autonomous Division of Honor team of the club's school will face at home against the UCAM Alsa-City Cartagena.

The meeting will take place on Saturday at 11 in the morning at the "Manolo Ibáñez" Pavilion.

In addition the next Saturday morning the 2nd concentration of the league of 1st Autonomic is played in the Prince of Asturias Pavilion of Murcia where the 2nd team of the Club Totana School will play.

Their matches will be the following:

School Club Totana B --- School CTM Murcia AA 9 a.m.

School Club Totana B --- School CTM Murcia BA at 11 h.

The five teams of the club will have games next weekend.


To complete this intense weekend of activities of the Club, this Sunday 4 has been played in the CAR of Los Calcázares the I Autonomous Open of the season for the categories Benjamín, Alevín and Sub 23 in which 7 players from our club have participated .

In the Benjamín categories, Adrián Ruíz, Alex Martínez, Victor Vélez and Cesar Tejador did.

Victor, Alex and Cesar managed to pass to the knockout phase, getting Cesar to reach the final where he was overtaken by Mario Matas de el Palmar.

Alex was fourth.

In the Alevín category our representatives were Pepe Carreño and Cayetano Rodríguez.

The two managed to pass the first phase and get into the final elimination table.

Pepe also reached the final where he lost 3-1 with Carla Paredes from UCAM Cartagena.

For part Julián Méndez in the sub 23 category had to settle for the 4th place.

Also in the CAR de los Alcázares will be played the absolute category of this I Regional Open this season on Sunday March 18 while the categories for children, youth and veterans will be played on Sunday 25.


2nd national group 8: Alzira tt Metro 3- Totana Promesas 4 - 1

2nd national group 8: Alzira tt Metro 3- Totana Promesas 4 - 2

2nd national group 8: Alzira tt Metro 3- Totana Promesas 4 - 3

2nd national group 8: Alzira tt Metro 3- Totana Promesas 4 - 4

2nd national group 8: Alzira tt Metro 3- Totana Promesas 4 - 5

2nd national group 8: Alzira tt Metro 3- Totana Promesas 4 - 6

2nd national group 8: Alzira tt Metro 3- Totana Promesas 4 - 7

4/3/2018 Source: Club Totana TM


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