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 Totana hosts this week the Annual State Planning Meeting of the "Fundación Cepaim, Coexistence and Social Cohesion"

Totana welcomes from today and until this Thursday the Annual State Planning Meeting of the "Cepaim Foundation for Coexistence and Social Cohesion", in which representatives of various autonomous communities will participate under the slogan "For a new world".

During these three days, more than a hundred people will gather and will have among their main objectives to work on improving their intervention with people in vulnerable situations, the fight against discrimination and xenophobia, the prevention of gender-based violence or relevant as alternatives to the CIES or policies for the improvement in the integration of refugees and migrants in our communities.

The forum will bring together members of different territorial delegations, intervention areas, management departments, management and Board of Trustees of the Cepaim Foundation;

who during these three days will evaluate the initiatives promoted during the last year and the new methodologies of future projects.

Cepaim is an independent, cohesive and sustainable organization that provides answers to social dynamics related to the migratory event and to the processes of social exclusion.

This organization is a benchmark in the coherent application of transversal policies of interculturality, diversity management, gender equality, social cohesion, local development and co-development, taking the territory as a basis for action.

Among its objectives are to promote a model of inclusive and intercultural society that facilitates full access to citizenship rights of the most vulnerable people in our society and, especially, of migrants, developing policies to fight against any form of social exclusion and collaborating in the development of the local territories and the countries of origin of the migrants.

The meeting was inaugurated by the mayor of Totana, Andrés García, the general director of Family and Social Policies, Miriam Pérez Albaladejo, the president of the Cepaim Foundation, and the state director of this entity, Juan Antonio Segura.

In addition, during this first day has recognized the work of entities, administrations and people who support and reinforce the work of this foundation at the regional and national level in the field of social cohesion and intercultural coexistence.

In this sense, recognition has been given to the municipalities of Lorca, Cartagena, Murcia, Molina de Segura, Torre Pachecho and Alguazas, as well as the CajaMurcia Foundation, the Obra Social La Caixa, the Federation of African Associations of the Region and the group "Los Parrandboleros".

The volunteers of the Eduardo Sao Thiago Foundation "Duda", coach of ElPozo Murcia FS, have also been honored;

Javier Giménez, doctor at the Torre Pacheco Health Center;

and the architect Francisco Beltrán.

Similarly, the day continued with the presentation frame of the president of the Council of the Transparency of the Region, José Molina, under the title "Transparency, citizen participation, ethics and good governance: A society with answers."

The action of this entity advocates interculturality, justice and social commitment, solidarity, equality of treatment and non-discrimination, management of diversity and equal opportunities between men and women.

In addition, all this under the principles of participation, social transformation, permanent innovation, integrality, empowerment, transparency and coherence in management, cohesion and social inclusion, defense and extension of human, political and social rights, among others.

During these days, attendees will work in internal spaces for debate on action plans for the future and challenges for 2018;

and they will participate in parallel group work sessions in which they will analyze their work methodology in different areas and action programs.

Thus, they will discuss issues such as cooperation for development and co-development, social responsibility and cultural action, the community and intercultural dimension of their social intervention (reception processes for refugees and immigrants, strategies to promote the figure of families and welcoming entities, among others), procedures and strategies for welcoming technical and volunteer personnel.

Likewise, they will deal with the new management applications of the foundation, the equality plan and diversity management of the foundation, actions for the protection of children, a new quality system, reception systems in the open regime that replace the current CIES and other proposals and initiatives promoted in the different territorial centers.


6/2/2018 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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