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 Temporary cold and snow

The forecasts have varied slightly, enough so that the Region of Murcia is not greatly affected.

Finally, the storm that could have brought us rain and snow in a remarkable way between Sunday and Monday, is going to form on the southeast, leaving the Region at the center of it.

Therefore, the most important rainfall will affect Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Castellón, Catalonia and Aragon, leaving Almeria, Murcia and Alicante with little precipitation.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the rain will begin in the interior at dawn / morning, and will spread to the rest of the Region with the advance of it.

They will be weak and in some places almost will not precipitate.

They will be in the form of snow at levels of about 700 / 800m.

There is yellow notice due to the accumulation of 2cm of snow in the Northwest region.

The temperatures will drop.

As of Monday, the situation will be similar.

Throughout the week, there will be days with cloudiness and weak precipitation at some points (in the form of snow above 600m), and other quieter days.

Temperatures will drop a few days and others will remain unchanged from the previous day.

At night there will be frost in the interior, more intense during the nights when the sky is clear and the wind is calm.

This is what is expected for practically the whole week and there is little disparity between the different meteorological models, so, if there is no significant variation, no other forecast will be published.

Small variations can change the forecast, so Civil Protection Totana recommends being vigilant.

What we do have assured is the cold, with temperatures below the average values ​​for this time of year.


Temporary cold and snow - 1

Temporary cold and snow - 2

3/2/2018 Source: Protección Civil Totana


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