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 They offer a series of recommendations for the purchase of toys during the Christmas and Reyes campaign

The Service of Advice to the User of the Municipal Services of the Department of Economic Development of the City council of Totana realizes a series of recommendations for the purchase of the toys during the campaign of Christmas and Kings.

As is well known, there is a clear consensus on the benefits of the game in the development of the child's personality, also in favor of its sociability: toys are tools that enhance it, although it is true that they are not always essentials

Due to its strong symbolic load through toys, values ​​will be transmitted, fostering, or not, psychosocial skills and assuming the different roles that we all play within a population group.

For these reasons, it is recommended to accompany children when ordering toys, taking advantage of the occasion to discuss types of toys, features, designs, etc .;

and take into account the age and personality of the child with the characteristics and ages for which they are designed.

The elderly should not give away what they would have liked to have.

In addition, the excess of gifts at the same time prevents children from managing their emotions: there are occasions when discovering so many gifts can not be stopped in what each one supposes separately, it has been mentioned as "syndrome of hiperregalo "coming to make them lose the illusion.

It is also recalled that toys should not involve risks for children, be aware that they bear the "CE" mark as proof of compliance with safety standards.

However, do not lose sight of the elderly, while children play in case they make an inappropriate use according to the design of these toys.

Also, it is reported that expensive or complex toys are not always the most recommended, since they can be less durable or reduce the chances of play;

and the size, of the containers and packaging, can lead to confusion of the real size of the toys.

It is recommended to read carefully assembly instructions and recommendations or warnings of use;

buying in places that are only for sale for a short period of time, can be a problem when it comes to possible returns or claims;

and keep the proof of purchase thinking about possible returns or claims.

The Service of Advice to the User of the Municipal Services informs that before buying in remote places or by Internet, to check the offer that there is of toys in the local commerce;

and caution should be exercised with the gift of pets: do not give away invasive species, or buy in places where there is suspicion of the illegal origin of protected species.

Before buying exotic species, make sure your trade is legal.

It is recommended to buy in establishments adhering to the consumer arbitration always supposes an additional guarantee when resolving possible claims;

and that the best gift children can receive is the time they can spend their family or friends.


They offer a series of recommendations for the purchase of toys during the Christmas and Reyes campaign - 1

27/12/2017 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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