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 Citizens bet to keep the university researchers of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in La Bastida

● The training warns the regional government that it will not allow the regional archaeological heritage to become another chiringuito of friends capitalism and will be vigilant so that scientific criteria prevail over commercial

● "Our heritage can not be in the hands of companies seeking quick benefits, but in the hands of professionals like the UAB that accumulate more than 15 years of experience," says orange spokesman, Miguel Sánchez

Citizens has warned the regional government that the million euros entered in the draft Budget Law of 2018 for the archaeological sites of the region "should not become a fund to feed a capitalism of friends we thought exiled."

Also, the regional spokesman, Miguel Sanchez, said that "the intention of Citizens to provide this item to the regional accounts is to bet on scientific professionals to continue putting these deposits in value, which in the case of La Bastida they would be those of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​which accumulate more than 15 years of experience in this excavation, the most important of the argaric period in Europe.

Our heritage can not be left to companies that seek quick benefits, but to those of professionals such as the UAB, which will have the support and funding that Cs has achieved to continue consolidating our historical and archaeological heritage. "

Ciudadanos has managed to include in the 2018 budgets two important items related to the wealth of our heritage.

On the one hand, 1 million euros will go to direct aid for the development of archaeological projects such as La Bastida, in Totana , while it has also managed to allocate another million for investments in Historical Heritage.


2/12/2017 Source: Ciudadanos Región de Murcia /


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