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 IES Prado Mayor students demand more attention from the local administration

From the students' association, the City Council's initiative to create the AMPAS Municipal Forum is positively evaluated in order to guarantee an exchange of ideas and proposals between the associations of mothers and fathers of the municipality of Totana .

However, although the student organization recognizes this as an important step to be taken in order for both fathers and mothers to become involved in the education of their daughters, it also believes that the local administration should promote the participation of the student, fundamental piece of any educational system, in their own educational centers and in the defense of their interests.

The student association expresses its willingness and willingness to collaborate at all times with the local administration, thus aiming to bring students closer to institutions.

The Association of Students of the Prado (AEP), born in 2016, is an independent, non-partisan and non-denominational organization, composed of students living in the municipality of Totana and / or studying in one of its centers.

He actively collaborates with the Federación Murciana de Asociaciones de Estudiantes (FEMAE) and the State Confederation of Student Associations (CANAE), working for a comprehensive and individualized education, where students have a leading role, that forms in diversity, that motivates , which provides values ​​and critical vision.


IES Prado Mayor students demand more attention from the local administration - 1

6/9/2017 Source: AEP


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