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 Winning Totana IU will demand from the Central Government the immediate extension of the Prepared Plan

Similarly, the motion includes requiring legal measures to stimulate recruitment to sectors of the population at serious social risk, such as those over 45

On August 15, the benefits that were granted by the State Public Employment Service were granted to unemployed persons, over 45 years of age with dependents who had exhausted benefits.

In the framework of the Prepara Plan, these financial contributions represented a total income of 2,400 to 2,700 euros in the period of 6 months (400 € per month) with the obligation of the recipient to attend Professional Training Courses or Active Search for Employment.

At the moment, thousands of people are in uncertainty if they can not access these "miserable" aids that only allow people who see it difficult or impossible to find a job in the coming times.

Although the government and the media tell us that the crisis has passed and is creating employment, the reality is that the jobs that are generated are of poor quality and for short periods of time that do not allow a minimum stability or guarantee , even of being able to receive a contributory pension by not quoting the last years of working life.

The segment of the population most affected by this uncertainty that aggravates the anguish of many families, are those over 45 or long-term unemployed who have exhausted all benefits and can hardly find work in the current economic landscape after the Labor Reforms.

"In the case of Totana, we shuffled about 300 people who have been able to access the economic benefits of the Plan Prepara in recent times and a figure that gives us an idea about the families that could be affected in the coming times. of the SEF, with data from July 2017, 1442 registered people are in employment, of which 46% are over 45 (665 unemployed), the group most affected by the lack of employment and contributions in the end of their working life. "

"From Ganar Totana IU, we consider it fair that the Government, with the collaboration of Social Agents and Autonomous Communities, adopt immediate measures to extend the term and coverage of the Prepared Plan in parallel to the adoption of other measures that stimulate and allow access to decent work for people in unemployment, with special emphasis on people over 45 and long-term unemployed. "


Winning Totana IU will demand from the Central Government the immediate extension of the Prepared Plan - 1

4/9/2017 Source: Ganar Totana IU


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