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 Terra Sport Cycling school goes on vacation

To begin the day, we made a small exit with the bikes, a pleasant route that was seconded by the children of the school, next to the monitors of the school and with some of the parents, who dared to leave with our pupils.

After this departure, we made a pleasant lunch with children and parents, in the facilities enabled for these purposes, in the Municipal Sports Center, located in the recreation area of ​​the municipal swimming pool.

Afterwards the children took advantage of a refreshing swim in the swimming pool, and of course, to play and enjoy, like little dolphins in the water.

Perhaps, except for the children's enjoyment, which for us is always the most important, the best, was the pleasant talk held between parents and representatives of the Terra Sport Cycling School, after lunch, in this meeting were discussed various topics related to The school and how to face the new stage that lies ahead.

First, we tell you the countless praises we had from the parents, which encourages and motivates us to continue with this beautiful project.

We also emphasize the constructive criticism that the parents made us, which demonstrates their enthusiasm and involvement in this project, where they provided us with an infinite number of ideas for the new stage of the Cycling School, ideas that we will study and analyze in detail so that we can take them to With the greatest possible efficiency and illusion.

From here, a warm greeting to the children and parents who could not attend, to find themselves already enjoying their vacation periods.

Thank you all !!, children and parents.

See you in September, with more ideas and renewed illusions ...


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15/7/2017 Source: Terra Sport Cycling


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