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 XX Anniversary Miguel Ángel Blanco

The City Council of Totana celebrated yesterday an institutional act and reading of manifest to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the murder of Miguel Angel White, councilman of Ermua (Vizcaya), on the occasion of the acts promoted these days within the denominated "Week of the Force of the memory".

This initiative was celebrated this week to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the kidnapping and murder at the hands of ETA that was Basque councilor, with the aim of defending and maintaining the values ​​of all victims of terrorism and their dignity.

The mayor, Andrs Garca, and representatives of all municipal groups of the Municipal Corporation participated in this simple act that was held in the municipal plenary hall, in which one member of each group read a part of the manifesto sent by the Miguel Ángel Blanco Foundation.

This initiative also intends to respond to the plenary agreement of July last year to promote a cultural week for freedom, political pluralism and constitutional democracy.

The Plenary approved a year ago an initiative of the Municipal People's Group and join the program "Memory Force Week Miguel Ángel Blanco and Victims of Terrorism. Consciousness awakens", which have been added during this week, with different acts , More than a hundred municipalities throughout Spain.

In addition, in Totana, during this week, storytelling and workshops of expression by the participants of the Summer Schools have taken place, based on the values ​​and principles of peace, tolerance and human rights.

In addition, from 10 to 14 July, a space has been promoted with a bibliographical selection in the municipal library "Mateo Garca" on the victims of terrorism and human rights.

Likewise, the file will begin to name a street or public space of Totana with the name "Victims of terrorism," in compliance with a plenary agreement of February 2008.

Likewise, next autumn the Department of Culture is planning to invite a representative of the Miguel Angel Blanco Foundation or the Association Victims of Terrorism in order to carry out a paper on the wake of commitment and humanity of this Basque politician.

Spirit of Ermua

Miguel Ángel Blanco suffered the macabre menace of ETA on July 12, 1997 in Lasarte where he suffered two shots in the nape of his neck, and died a day later at the Guipuzcoan hospital of Nuestra Seora de Aranzazu after he had been kidnapped at the train station Of Eibar when he moved to his job.

Blanco was a councilor of Ermua and was killed after the Spanish government did not give in to blackmail ETA to bring the prisoners of this terrorist band to the Basque Country.

During the last 48 hours of its life, Spanish society united against terrorism, initiating an unprecedented mass social mobilization and an invisible force was born against the fanaticism and dictatorship of terror that was called the "spirit of Ermua."


Twenty years ago the kidnapping and murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco produced a social upheaval throughout Spain, those days of July 1997 are part of our collective memory as a country.

Millions of Spaniards remember in detail those 48 hours as a citizen clamor of denunciation for the kidnapping of an innocent, demanding their release and consternation for his murder at ETA hands.

They robbed the life of a young man for defending democracy and the right to feel Basque and Spanish without complexes.

Miguel Ángel was a good son, a good brother, a good friend of his friends and a citizen committed to his municipality, Ermua.

ETA's offensive to annihilate the constitutionalist political representatives took a further step in their criminal career.

We went out to the streets to show our repulsion, we kept vigil, we prayed, we manifested, we were waiting for the media.

We demand pity and a minimum of sanity, could not execute their threat before the mobilization of more than six million citizens who filled the streets and squares of numerous Spanish municipalities.

The example of Ermua's neighbors, the agreement of all democratic parties and institutions and the clarity and firmness of a government that did not yield to the blackmail imposed by the band, kept us united, committed to Life and Freedom before the Fanatics of identity, before the necessary accomplices of so much barbarism that had caused during almost thirty years thousands of victims.

They fulfilled their threat and did what they know how to do: murder.

A tide of indignation swept through Spain.

A new conscience was born in the face of terrorism: the Spirit of Ermua, which laid the foundations for the best and most effective counter-terrorist policy: the one that holds that there must be victors: victims, democratic society and the rule of law. Have defeated: the terrorists and their accomplices.

A new conscience was born in favor of the victims of terrorism, in the innocent gaze of Miguel Ángel Blanco was symbolized all the horror of ETA and the hartazgo of a society hitherto overwhelmed by so many crimes committed.

The social demand of democratic firmness was born before ETA.

It's been 20 years.

We have beaten ETA to the police, thanks in particular to the work of the State Security Bodies and Forces, as well as social awareness, victims' example, political unity and international collaboration.

But there's still too much to do:

- Clarify the hundreds of unresolved crimes and respond to the right to justice that the victims claim.

- Continue to demand that ETA dissolve, recognize the wrong caused and the impossibility of its totalitarian project as undemocratic and to be tainted with the pain and sacrifice of thousands of citizens.

- To denounce the legitimacy of terrorism which in the Basque Country and Navarra continues to be habitual news with acts and declarations of members of parties and organizations that justify or relativize terrorism.

-Assist a shared story based on Truth, Dignity, Memory and Justice that neutralize the strategy of historical laundering of ETA that some want to impose on the whole society.

- Persevere in the ethical and political significance of the victims of terrorism and bring their testimony and democratic value to the youngest, as a legacy of all good Spaniards.

Miguel Ángel Blanco awakened our conscience, it is a symbol of concord because it made us understand that freedom has to be won, conquered, cared for and defended before the enemies of coexistence, ideological plurality, ethical and political rights that Cost to get.

We evoked Michelangelo Blanco and immediately a sense of rebellion arose in the face of totalitarianism, as well as a deep empathy and recognition for his figure and that of all the victims of terrorism.

This fruitful symbolism that honors us as citizens of a free country is what we commemorate here today, from the commitment not to forget, not to lower our democratic demands against all the terrorists and terrorists who may stalk us.

The legacy of Miguel Ángel Blanco invites us to remain alert and united, to develop the social strength necessary to face those who want to annihilate our way of coexistence and our fundamental rights.

Miguel Ángel Blanco and all the victims of terrorism, always in our Report.


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14/7/2017 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana /


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