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 The artist totanera Bárbara Rey is designated the "Mask of gold" of the Carnival of Totana of the year 2017

The Carnival Federation of Festivals and the City of Totana have designated as the "Golden Mask" of the Carnival of this city in this year 2017 the artist totanera María García García, known in the artistic field as "Bárbara Rey", for his contribution To the diffusion of this party.

This is the highest award given every year by the Federation of Peñas del Carnaval de Totana to a person or entity that stands out for its support to the promotion of these holidays.

This was announced today by the Mayor of Totana, Juan Jose Cánovas and the president of the Federation of Peñas del Carnaval de Totana, Antonio García Martínez.

The ceremony of delivery of this recognition will be on Saturday, February 18 at the "Marcos Ortiz" Municipal Auditorium of Totana during a gala that will take place and will be attended by representatives of the 19 clubs of the Carnival of Totana (20:30 hours ).

In December 2014, the City Council of Totana granted the title of Favorite Daughter of the City to María García García, "Bárbara Rey", in an act that was the prelude to the celebrations in honor of the patron saint of the municipality, Santa Eulalia.

This initiative responded two years ago to the neighborhood petition, backed by 518 signatures, in which the Plenary was requested to start the administrative procedure.

The professional merits of "Bárbara Rey" are linked to a wide artistic and cinematographic career and very varied, but always linked and rooted in the roots of her hometown and her family, whose circumstance has always publicly boasted of their status as Totanera

María García, "Marita", as she is known in her native Totana, has always had a permanent and real bond with the city, because every time she has had the opportunity to return to her land to see her people and enjoy Of its traditions, as it happened the past 7 of January attending the pilgrimage of the Patron of Totana.

The Golden Mask of the Carnival of Totana of the 2016 was the public television "7 Television Region of Murcia".


The artist totanera Bárbara Rey is designated the "Mask of gold" of the Carnival of Totana of the year 2017 - 1

14/1/2017 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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