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 The mayor sends information to the 350 residents affected cards in the first phase of change of the streets with Francoist references

The municipal government proceeds and the change in five of the nine streets that passed the House in September, while the rest will be done gradually

The Mayor of Totana, Juan José Canovas, will send a letter to the 350 residents who will be affected, in a first phase, by changing the streets with Francoist references informing them of the procedure and in order that it generates the minimum administrative condition and possible discomfort.

The municipal government of Totana will proceed immediately to change five of the nine streets with names referring to the Franco dictatorship approved by the municipal plenary last September, while the remaining four will be modified gradually to over the coming months.

The City Council plans to replace all the streets and spaces of the urban area of ​​the town gradually referring to the Franco dictatorship by other names with more local projection that have excelled other personal or professional values, leading to a series of procedures those affected and adaptation process.

The departments of Citizen Participation and Services are working in recent days in the execution of this order to allow to respond to the Plenum, eliminating definitively the names associated with the Franco dictatorship both in streets and squares, being replaced by names people who have stood out for their commitment to Totana in different branches of science or human values.

The elimination of public roads will rush into two phases.

A first of five streets in the coming days and, second, to be held in the coming months;

both progressively with an instructive sense of procedure.

Thus, this process will be accompanied by an information campaign to neighbors, helping residents and users to make their way gradually steps with administrations and entities during a logical transition.

The claim is informationally collaborate with the residents affected in their processing with the entities involved, such as post office, banks, et cetera.

The first tacada affects the streets General Muñoz Grandes (is replaced by Antonio Martínez Garrido), General Asensio (Alfonso Sanchez Mateo), General Mola (Narcisa Navarro Morales), General Moscardó (Emilio Cobos Sánchez) and General Sanjurjo (Romualdo Lopez Canovas) .

The next phase will allow the change of name of the street Calvo Sotelo (Alberto Gray Peinado), Onesimo Redondo (Soledad Perellón Almagro), General Varela (Ambrosio López Carrasco) and Federico Servet (Matilde Casinello Clares).

The procedure will start next week with a written communication from the mayor of Totana owners residents of homes and businesses involved;

and the subsequent placement of the name plate of the streets that will be the subject of change.

In the same Alderman informs the neighbors of the process, the steps to be undertaken directly totanero Consistory with other administrations and those have to perform compulsory neighbors in a personal capacity.

Information exchange

So the Consistory will take care of notifying all institutions renaming of streets (Cadastre, Murciano Health Service, Mail, etc.).

In the case of Correos, for a few months service with the old and new street name will remain, but it is desirable that the stakeholders will change by management in banks and other entities.

In the case of Land Registry and Notaries, the City shall notify the changes of street names and management only when needed by the person concerned, the same record change data;

so that we should not do anything until you need some management.

In the Land Registry and municipal offices (water, garbage collection, etc.) Services change will be automatic by the City and users do not have to do any management.

Regarding the Ministry of Health, the City shall notify the changes to go officially changing directions every time they are renewed health cards.

In the case of identity card, driving license or passport, not to do any management while the date is not met to renew these documents.

The City Council will attach registration flyers users so they can individually make the appropriate changes to banks, concessionary electricity, telephone and other services.

For any questions or queries, neighbors can also be seen at the Service User (ground floor of City Hall), Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 14:00.

The plenary agreed to this initiative last September, with the votes in favor of Totana Win-IU and PSOE against the PP and the abstention of C's, with which it intends to comply with current regulations regarding the Historical Memory law.

In 2007 was published in the BOE the Law of Historical Memory that came to redress injustices and persecutions submitted against the people who fought for freedom and against the dictatorship in Spain and suffered persecution or death for defending the republican legality, defeated by the weapons in a civil war that should never happen, as picked up the motion.


The mayor sends information to the 350 residents affected cards in the first phase of change of the streets with Francoist references - 1

The mayor sends information to the 350 residents affected cards in the first phase of change of the streets with Francoist references - 2

The mayor sends information to the 350 residents affected cards in the first phase of change of the streets with Francoist references - 3

22/4/2016 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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