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 A total of 38 civil marriage celebrations are processed so far in 2019 at the City of Totana

The City of Totana has processed a total of 38 civil marriages so far from 2019, specifically until July 31, according to sources from the Bureau of Statistics, responsible for managing this municipal service.

In the last year 2018, a total of 59 celebrations were counted;

while in 2017 it was the same number of 59, in 2016 45 were registered and in 2015 they amounted to 42.

For the beginning of the Civil Marriage file, it is essential to go to the Civil Registry of Totana, located in the Courts of Totana, on Rambla de la Santa Avenue, or in any Court of Spain.

The couple must be informed in the aforementioned Register of the documentation necessary to marry.

There, they will be provided with the explanatory form of the necessary documentation, the instance for later presentation in the Registry.

It is recalled that it is the exclusive competence of the Civil Registry, so you cannot request a date for marriage at the City of Totana until the parties have appeared in said Registry to carry out the appropriate procedure.

Once the appearance with the witnesses in the Civil Registry, the couple can go to the City of Totana (Statistical Service, ground floor) and request the date to get married.

They are established as business days for the celebration of civil marriages in the City of Totana from Monday to Friday, at noon;

and on weekends, enabling the Plenary Hall for that purpose.

The amount of the fee for each service is that established in the Fiscal Ordinances, so that it is 60 euros from Monday to Friday at noon;

and 120 euros on Friday afternoons and weekends.


A total of 38 civil marriage celebrations are processed so far in 2019 at the City of Totana - 1

13/8/2019 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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