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 More than a thousand schoolchildren have participated in the last school year in Drug Prevention Workshops

More than a thousand schoolchildren have participated last school year in the Workshops on Drug Prevention taught within the framework of the Municipal Drug Addiction Program, which as every year promotes the Department of Social Welfare.

The prevention workshops have been redeveloped in the Primary and Secondary Education centers of Totana and the El Paretón district, so that all the Primary schools and four of the five Secondary schools in the municipality have collaborated in the activities offered.

In the Primary Education section, the information has focused mainly on the effects of tobacco, using experiments, videos and interactive applications to transmit the concepts to students.

In addition, the topic of addiction to new technologies, specifically video games, has also been introduced, as this is a matter of concern at these ages.

As usual, the Argos Program has also been carried out, which depends on the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the two health centers of the municipality, and which deals with a universal program for the prevention of alcohol consumption and other drugs that are developed in the health field.

The main objective of this is to implement systematic intervention actions in drug addiction in Primary Care for vulnerable populations, such as adolescents, following the guidelines of the National Drug Plan.

In addition, we continue with the workshops in 3rd and 4th ESO, and this year as a novelty, the subject of gambling has been incorporated into the workshops, specifically sports betting and online gambling, with which it is intended raise awareness and educate young people about the risk involved in these types of activities.

Likewise, parents who are interested are reminded that the deadline for conducting the online course is still open: "Prevent from an early age. Prevention of alcohol consumption in children" on the portal of the Ministry of Health.

In this course aimed at fathers and mothers, not only alcohol consumption but also important aspects of education such as family conflicts, leisure and knowledge of ICT, among other matters.


More than a thousand schoolchildren have participated in the last school year in Drug Prevention Workshops - 1

12/8/2019 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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