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 The publication "Sierra Espuña, step by step" promotes the knowledge of the Regional Park and the sustainable promotion of tourism

The publication "Sierra Espuña, step by step" has been presented recently in the Plenary Hall of the City of Totana in order to promote knowledge of the Regional Park and the sustainable promotion of tourism, as well as try to avoid the depopulation of the nuclei rural areas surrounding it through the socioeconomic boost provided by tourism.

The authors of the book, the mountaineers Andrés García and Ángel Ortiz, have made public their work in the framework of an act that sponsored the Commonwealth Tourism of Sierra Espuña and whose mayor, Andrés García, currently occupies the rotating presidency of this entity.

The mayor of Alhama de Murcia, Mariola Guevara, and the first mayor of Pliego, Pedro Noguera, were also present at the event.

The work, whose price rises to 22 euros and of which 2,000 copies have been initially published in Spanish, is on sale in all the companies that make up the Espuña Turísica Association and in the bookstores of the municipalities that make up the Mancomunidad Turística de Sierra Espuña

The book gathers chapters on general interest data of the Park and cartography on main summits, natural values, tourist routes by car, motorcycle and bicycle, activities "Espubike" and "Esputrek" (BTT and on foot), marked natural trails, climbing, ravines , ferrata, spelunking, as well as interesting notes about nature, fauna and vegetation, in general.

As they commented, in addition, shortly, it will be accessible through the large distributors and online liberies;

and the pretense is that with the benefits obtained from its sale, a second edition is planned in English, given that more and more foreign visitors to the park.

The book, which presents an interesting layout and attractive quality photographic exhibition, brings together knowledge about Sierra Espuña

accumulated over the years by two mountaineers, Ángel Ortiz and Andrés García, the latter runs tourist businesses in the park and also presides over the Esppuña Turística Association.

One of its objectives has been "to value the sports and leisure activities that can generate fate, while taking into account the natural values ​​that our environment has," says Garcia.

In fact, when preparing their book, they have had the support and advice of the Regional Park management in order that "all these activities that we value have the environmental sustainability that an environment like ours needs so that endure. "

"Sierra Espuña step by step" is, as they explained, the result of two years of work, which gathers the different values ​​and activities offered by this natural environment, starting with the chapters destined for occasional visitors, to then turn to specialized tourists who come with the intention of doing some sport or leisure activity.

For its elaboration, Andrés García and Ángel Ortiz have had to walk again paths, roads, walls, caves, among other natural places;

and other environments that they already knew to check their current status and accessibility.

The result of all this effort can not only be contemplated in this book, since it will also be accessible through the internet as much of the content of 'Sierra Espuña step by step' will serve to improve and give more content to the website of "Territorio Sierra Espuña".


The publication "Sierra Espuña, step by step" promotes the knowledge of the Regional Park and the sustainable promotion of tourism - 1

7/6/2019 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana /


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