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 "Since the recognition and gratitude to the Federation of Peñas de Carnaval de Totana"

Official Chronicler of the City of Totana |

In the last weeks I have had the opportunity to know the organization, the work and the initiative carried out by the Federation of Peñas de Carnaval de Totana.

Despite intuiting the value of this effort that is perceived in a first approach to the dynamization, solidity and strength of the diverse and varied activities that organize around this celebration, I could not imagine the enormous task they face.

Astonished by that will and dimension of their work, as well as by the illusion with which they assume new challenges and by their ability to excel, I want to express my appreciation to their board of directors and in it to all those who are involved in this task.

In the management they perform, an immense affection for recovering the identity of the traditional carnival of Totana is appreciated, vibrated and thrown, but also for incorporating profiles that help to give elegance, style and exuberance to tendencies that, already consolidated, are enriched in their identity .

Visible, luminous expressions of high color value materialize in the eye-catching outfits and decorations, as well as in the eloquent choreographies that accompany the parades.

In the same way, I must express my gratitude for the awarding of the distinction "Golden Mask. Carnival 2019", an attribute that I fully appreciate after knowing that facet of responsibility that we point out, because I feel a great admiration for the immense task with which your concerns move, proof of that was the lively, pleasant and intimate evening that I was able to share with you last night on Saturday, February 23.

In it, we also impregnate ourselves with the vitality and strength of Ana Martinez's emotional proclamation, of her charming and warm personality.

Thank you all for the welcome and affection.

My best wishes in the procedure in which you are immersed.

Undoubtedly, joy is a main therapy to overcome the difficulties of life.

Nietzsche, encouraged not to believe in any truth that did not carry "with him, at least, a joy".

From that conviction I invite you to chart a joy walk where the people who come to this celebration can meet with the fraternity and respect that encourages your drive.

Complementing this trajectory are actions that, based on solidarity, outline aspirations that promote understanding and support for other circumstances of life, which we are also called to address.

In this sense the different clubs have an important mission, to offer openness, imagination and hospitality to those who participate in that reality, but also to share the greatness of your commitment and the resources with which you move.

Do not forget that any facet of life should contemplate the tinge of cooperation, altruism and attention to those who require our sponsorship.

It is pleasantly positive to discover actions that you have promoted by looking at the roots of this festivity and that have made possible the revitalization since 2013 of the pleasant and fantastic night of Carnival Tuesday.

The congregation around San Cristóbal Street reminds us of the courage of our elders in other times, their desires, illusions and fun, at the same time that connects us with that endearing way of expressing the feeling of the carnival with the costumes of masks, with the typical voice of falsetto that confuses and confuses the listener, but that holds a deep rootedness and that links us to the most authentic of this tradition.

Also, allow me to encourage the memory of the fecund compositions that in the 1920s and 1930s performed the comparsas in Totana.

His critical, jocular and vital sense is an important exercise of grace, irony and humor.

It is convenient to stimulate actions in this sense, that Totana continues to enjoy a spirit that has not been lost, because the people of this land are characterized by their vitality and ingenuity and have been and are several groups and clubs that move in that line.

My best wishes for this 2019 Carnival. Let's live it in respect, joy and friendship.

Juan Cánovas Mulero.

Official Chronicler of the City of Totana.


"Since the recognition and gratitude to the Federation of Peñas de Carnaval de Totana" - 1

27/2/2019 Source: Juan Cánovas Mulero


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