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 Letter from an "atascao" to an exceptional totanero who today left us without warning

Friend Ginés.

I have come to say goodbye to you - fervently - I wish it were not forever;

although I consider it complicated from my conviction as an agnostic and the conviction that death may be the end, although people like you never die.

It is complicated to address you in the past.

Also because I certainly do not succeed in my clumsy words to define my feelings or the Ginés, as a person that I have known all my life.

Your last name is linked to my childhood by the long-awaited cinemas of Totana, your committed social or political activity that has always been intense and without truce.

In recent times, when I called you on the phone or addressed you, you always asked, Who are you?

My answer: "I am the Atascao ...", because of that of stubborn or stubborn in an appellative (or nickname) that you put me not without reason in the debates on La Bastida in which we have disagreed and much for a different vision.

You always smiled at my answer.


What matters a discrepancy or disagreement before the immensity of friendship, love or the great unfathomable mystery of death ?.

We both know that it is a trifling trifle.

Perhaps stubborn or "stuck" we were the two as genuine children of our people, mixed Arabs or Aragonese.

I remember the day of Saint Anthony of 2015, after my election as mayor, that you told me you wanted to give some important documents to the People that had been stolen from our Archive in the black night of the Dictatorship.

You told me that it was a satisfaction for you to give me delivery of those "treasures" patrimony of the totaneros and that you recovered for Totana.

I feel privileged to have had the good fortune to treat you always.

But especially in recent years.

To sign the proposal for the Plenary appointed you Favorite Son or nominate the Theater of the House of Culture with your name at the request of the Department of Heritage and Culture and supported by the Totanera Society.

As usual, we have many things in between.

And that is to leave without warning, "I do not forgive you", friend Ginés.

The book about the History of the Fountain of the Plaza, which you had so much interest in publishing.

He has remained in the printing press for lack of small final details.

I committed to you to seek financing for its edition and that is fulfilled through interested companies.

That book -written by you-, as a great connoisseur of that Source and its History, I assure you will be presented in a Postmodern Homage to your memory and commitment to your people and its people.

I feel the pain of farewell.

But I also know that freed from that mortal and deteriorated load that is the body, in the end you fly with the agility of the wind to meet you in the place where the people who have left their mark in their ephemeral way through life are.

In a special way, for being a Great Person.

Juan José Cánovas


Letter from an "atascao" to an exceptional totanero who today left us without warning - 1

18/1/2019 Source: Juan José Cánovas


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