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 Naiara Cánovas Méndez in national RFESS concentration

The swimmer of the club move was selected by the Federation of Rescue and Lifeguard of the Region of Murcia for said national concentration together with three other Murcian swimmers and Miguel Cayuela, swimming coach of the Sports Center move.

The totanera athlete (12 years old on January 1) faces her second year as federated in Lifesaving and Lifesaving sports, a sport she began to practice last year and which she enjoys together with fifteen other classmates who train three days a week to move .

At a regional level, Naiara Cánovas heads the classification of the female children's category of the Murcia Regional League, in which she participates together with her classmates.

The sport of Sports Rescue brings together several tests in which athletes not only have to swim, but have to perform rescues and different mannequin transport techniques.

Both the improvement in swimming and these techniques are directed by Miguel Cayuela in the sports center move and have been reinforced in the technification of Valladolid.

The 2nd Regional League Day of Murcia will be held in the pool of the sports center move on January 27 and in that competition will participate totaneros athletes who have adapted very early on to this beautiful sport and are getting very good results at the regional level.

From move we want to congratulate all the athletes for the effort and enthusiasm they have and encourage them to continue improving in 2019.


Naiara Cánovas Méndez in national RFESS concentration - 1

Naiara Cánovas Méndez in national RFESS concentration - 2

Naiara Cánovas Méndez in national RFESS concentration - 3

Naiara Cánovas Méndez in national RFESS concentration - 4

31/12/2018 Source: move


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