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[II Regional Open.

Santiago Méndez, absolute Champion] | Results Club Totana TM |

On Sunday, December 30th, the absolute category of the II Regional Open was celebrated, with the participation of 9 players from Club Totana TM.

Santiago fulfilled his condition of first seed and was proclaimed champion of the category, not without difficulty, deploying a very complete game.

He showed that playing at his best level is complicated to make him face.

Thus, it was passing rounds to be planted in the final where he beat the totanero Juan Pedro Sánchez, CDTM Cartagena.

Of the rest of the participants in the absolute category, Pedro Miguel Ruíz and Domingo Méndez reached the quarterfinals, where the latter was eliminated precisely by his brother Santiago, as well as Pedro Antonio Montes, who was dropped from the final phase by very little. , ended with solvency as champion of the consolation phase.


Before, on Saturday morning, the totaneros were also protagonists in the podiums of lower categories.

César Tejedor completed a good tournament and was proclaimed champion in the Benjamin category.


In the junior category, players Víctor Vélez, Álex Martínez and Cayetano Rodríguez participated in our club.

Victor and Alex could not qualify for the final phase, and in the consolation phase both overcame rounds until falling in the semifinals, so they faced each other in the match for third and fourth place.

Cayetano, on the other hand, had a good performance despite the fact that he ended up yielding in the final in an exciting match against Silvia Ballesteros, of CTM Murcia.

In the children's category, the totaneros Pepe Carreño and Abraham López participated.

Abraham made a good tournament and was able to show his improvement by finishing eliminated in the quarterfinals after qualifying as first group, while Pepe ended up eliminated in the round of 16.


Already on Saturday afternoon the youth and veteran categories were disputed, again with totanera representation.

In juveniles, the brothers Santiago and Domingo Méndez participated with Gabriel Sánchez.

Santiago ended up climbing to the third step of the podium after winning good losses and losing in the semifinals with the champion Enrique Limonta, from El Palmar.

Domingo and Gabriel were eliminated in the round of eighth and quarterfinals, respectively, and both in a very tight way, demonstrating the equality that exists between all the participants in this category.


In the category of veterans, again the totaneros were the protagonists of the podium.

Pedro Miguel finished champion and Vicente Carreño subchampion.

Of the rest of the participants, Domingo Méndez reached the quarterfinals, where he was eliminated by Vicente.

Julián Cerón and Mariano Tudela were eliminated in the first round, and Pedro José Sánchez was relegated to the consolation phase.

In short, another good regional tournament, with great atmosphere, where the totaneros, with premiere of equipment, have won many of the highest positions in the classification, demonstrating that with day-to-day work you get good results, but that There is still a lot of room for improvement, which is the best.

To highlight without a doubt that the final of the absolute category was disputed by two totaneros, with the triumph of the absolute championship for Santiago, since it would have been about ten years since a totanero last took the first place in the regional absolute category.


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30/12/2018 Source: Club Totana TM


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