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 This December 31 ends the term to benefit from the Special Payment Plan for the year 2019

The Department of Finance of the City of Totana reminds citizens and taxpayers in general that this next December 31 the deadline to qualify for the Special Payment Plan for the year 2019.

The councilor of the branch, Ana María Cánovas, informs that the request to benefit from said fractioned payment plan without interest for the year 2019 ends on December 31, and this has to be done in the Taxpayer Service Office, located in Calle San Cristóbal, 8 under this town.

The mayor notes that this is a special system of payment of receipts for the year 2019 that allows periodic income on account on vehicle taxes (IVTM);

permanent fords: and taxes of urban contribution (IBI), rustic and of special characteristics.

The councilor of Finance insists that in this fractioned payment plan no interest is charged and remember that the requirements are not to have debt - in executive - with the City, the amount of taxes must be greater than 300 euros, the minimum fee payment may not be less than 50 euros and must be a payment domiciled in a bank account.

In addition, the interested party may opt for one of these installment payments: four installments (April 5, June 5, August 5 and October 5);

three installments (April 5, July 5 and October 5);

or two installments (April 5 and October 5).

The payment schedule of the taxpayer who does not avail himself of said Special Payment Plan for the year 2019 will be:

Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (March 1 to May 6)

Permanent roads, hunting grounds, vehicle stops and kiosks on public roads (May 2 to July 5)

Tax on Real Estate of Urban, Rustic Nature, Special Characteristics and Tax on Economic Activities (September 2 to December 5)

Mercado Semanal and Plaza de Abastos (during the first two months of the natural quarter and the 5 following days of the third month of the same quarter)

On Large Families

The Department of the Treasury informs, in the same way, that the period of application for a bonus of large families for the year 2020 may be requested until December 31, 2019.

Large families that have already processed and approved the application prior to 2019 will only have to present the justification of the income of the family unit of the previous year while keeping the large family certificate in force.

Those interested must submit the following documentation:

Application identifying the property

Photocopy of the property of the property (if it is the first time you request it) of having presented it before is not necessary

Large Family Certificate

Certificate of registration

Certified photocopy of the Declaration of Income and declaration of all the income of the family unit that are registered in the dwelling

The Department of Finance also reminds that large families can apply at the City Council of Totana for the reduced rate of water consumption, so that the documentation to be submitted is the same as for the contribution bonus, except for income from the family unit.

Finally, it is reiterated that the granting of these bonuses is conditional on not having debt in executive with the totanero Consistory.


This December 31 ends the term to benefit from the Special Payment Plan for the year 2019 - 1

27/12/2018 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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